The 8 Best Terrazzo Floor Tiles You Must Use in Your Home

Are you looking to remodel your home and change up the flooring? If so, for an attractive and bright display, you can use terrazzo floor tiles to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or even outdoor terrace. 

Manufacturers build terrazzo by using large presses to force binders and marble segments together. You can find two types of terrazzo: cement terrazzo, which combines marble and cement, and resin terrazzo, which integrates both marble and resin.

Terrazzo floor tiles were especially popular in the 1960s, but they’re still commonly found today. To make your house look great, consider renovating with any of the eight best terrazzo floor tiles we’ve outlined below. Keep reading to find your favourite tile!

Dollymixx Light Grey Moondust Terrazzo Tiles

If you’re looking for a modern feel and a popular design, you may want to consider getting the Dollymixx Light Grey Moondust Terrazzo Tiles. Manufacturers design these particular tiles using durable and long-lasting porcelain material and include a natural matt finish. 

When using these attractive terrazzo floor tiles, you might want to add more colour or bold features to the rest of the room.

If you want to design a minimalist and clean look for your bathrooms, try adding the Mizuki Fern Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles. Add these tiles to create a modern shower or tub and you can position these tiles below the sink on the bathroom floor as well.

If your bathroom is rather small, these particular tiles can give it more dimension and make it stand out. The tiles include round bits of white marble with a soft grey background colour. You’ll absolutely love the minimalist and modern style.

The Ceppo Terrazzo Effect Matt Tiles are speckled white and grey tiles with a natural stone design. Bits of white and dark grey stand out among a light grey background. The manufacturers use ceramic to make these tiles, building them to last a lifetime.

You can add these tiles to create a backsplash in your kitchen or make your restroom floors stand out. These tiles will also look great in the shower.

The Terrazzo Hexagon Mineral Green Porcelain Tiles include four different colours and have a gorgeous and fun design. You can install these attractive tiles either indoors or outdoors. They can make your outdoor patio look great. These hexagon tiles are made of superior quality and include stones with specks of grey, black, peach, and white colours.

Whether you want an outstanding backsplash in your kitchen or a gorgeous patio floor, the Terrazzo Hexagon Mineral Green Porcelain Tiles are a great choice.

You can add the Dollymixx Burmuda Dark Blue Terrazzo Effect Tiles to either indoor or outdoor areas, such as bathrooms, kitchen walls, or porches by the backyard. These tiles provide a fun and traditional look for your home with their speckled black and brown spots against a blue background.

These tiles are made with long-lasting porcelain and a natural matt finish that will make your floors stand out. These tiles are also small in size, which makes them multifaceted.

Are you looking to make your floors or shower backsplash appear clean and natural? Then, try installing the Dollymixx Patina Dark Grey Terrazzo Tiles in your home. These tiles are a very popular brand due to their minimalistic look and uniform shape and colour. The grey colour will make your walls or floors appear consistent and clean.

Best of all, these tiles will give a modern feel to your bathroom or kitchen. These tiles come with a porcelain base, which makes them light. They are only 185 x 185 mm in size.

Do you want to think of bright blue skies every time you enter your kitchen, hallway, or outdoor patio? Then try adding some Dollymixx Bubblegum Light Blue Terrazzo Effect Tiles to your home. These tiles come with small specks of light grey and brown against a light blue background.

This is a natural stone Terrazzo tile with a speckled display made of durable porcelain. You’ll love the happy look these tiles bring to your home.

Do you want your patio or kitchen floors to make you think of watching a sunset or laying on a pink sandy beach? Then, try adding these Dollymixx Plum Blush Terrazzo Effect Tiles to the floors, showers, and a kitchen backsplash against the walls.

These tiles have dark red specks against a light pink or blush background. This blush colour is distinct and rather versatile in the outdoor and indoor areas for use. In addition, the tiles are made from high-quality porcelain material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you fell in love with these terrazzo tile options, I bet that you want to see several questions answered before committing. See below the most common ones.

Is Terrazzo Tile Expensive?

Terrazzo floor tiles are more expensive options, but they do tend to last for decades if not a lifetime. The material for terrazzo flooring costs anywhere between $25 to $70 per square foot, which doesn’t include the labour costs of installing these tiles. 

This is generally the most expensive floor tiling option since it includes marble and other high-quality materials.

What Are the Disadvantages of Terrazzo Flooring?

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The main disadvantages of Terrazzo flooring include:

  • High costs for initial purchase and installation despite saving costs in the long run due to its durability
  • Lack of outdoor heat during the winter makes the floors feel cold
  • The tiles require professional installation since this flooring is rather complex

Yet, if you live in a warm region, have enough funds for the initial installation, and want to reduce long-term costs, then this flooring is right for you. In such cases, you won’t need to worry about these disadvantages.

What Is a Terrazzo Floor Tile?

A terrazzo floor tile is a type of flooring material that incorporates marble chips with a concrete surface, which manufacturers then polish until the material becomes smooth. Various public buildings often showcase terrazzo floor tiles due to their long-lasting durability. 

These tiles often have large and small speckles, incorporating marble and cement or marble and resin.

Is Terrazzo Tile Outdated?

Terrazzo floor tiles gained popularity in the 1920s. This was when it came on the scene due to the popular Art Deco style. 

In recent years, the terrazzo tile has made a comeback with a more modern style. Essentially, it has now become a design feature printed on furniture, appliances, and clothing.

How Long Does Terrazzo Last?

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and durable flooring material, then you won’t find a better choice than terrazzo floor tiles. On average, the lifecycle for terrazzo material is 75 years. 

With better care, terrazzo flooring has lasted as much as 100 years. As such, this material should last you a lifetime before needing replacement.

Why Does Terrazzo Crack?

Terrazzo may crack due to several possible reasons outlined below.

  • A high amount of moisture causes cracks
  • Movement in the epoxy may lead terrazzo to crack in certain areas
  • The installation of the terrazzo flooring may have been inconsistent, which could cause a fracture

However, this flooring material usually remains more durable for decades into the future and commonly remains crack-free.

Why Is Terrazzo So Expensive?

Terrazzo material is much more expensive than ceramic floor tiles and other flooring materials because it is made with some of the highest quality substances including resin, cement, and marble. These tiles are also very complicated to install, which means you’ll need to cover labour costs for a professional installation. This is why terrazzo tiles are more expensive.

Is Terrazzo Suitable for the Kitchen Floor?

Terrazzo floor tiles are an excellent choice for renovating your kitchen floor. In fact, these tiles make your kitchen floor easy to maintain while providing a sleek, modern look to impress your friends and family.

Usually, these floor tiles come in a wide variety of colours and shapes, which means they should complement your kitchen cabinets and countertops well.

Is Terrazzo Good for Bathrooms?

Terrazzo tiles are a great addition to bathrooms. These tiles are excellent when renovating floors, adding a backsplash, changing up the walls, or even overhauling the countertops. 

Since these tiles are stain-resistant and water-resistant, you can even add them to the shower or create a backsplash right above your sink. Since they come in many different colours, you can find the right terrazzo tiles to complement the rest of the bathroom.

Is Terrazzo More Expensive Than Marble?

Terrazzo flooring is usually less expensive than marble tiles. However, you may need to spend more money on professional installation as compared to marble tile renovation.

Terrazzo tiles offer a good value for the cost, as they are more durable than other flooring materials and tend to last for decades if not a lifetime.

Before You Go

Now that you’ve read through the eight best terrazzo floor tiles, it’s time to pick the best choice for your home. You can use these tiles to renovate your bathrooms, showers, kitchens, outdoor patios, or even the front driveway. Before you know it, your home will look brand new.

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