3 Quartz Floor Tiles With a Fascinating Twist To Change Up Your Rooms

If you’re looking for a floor solution to give the luxury of your rooms a lift, quartz floor tiles are the perfect option. The visual appeal of these tiles creates a look that both reflects the light and pleases any aesthetic. If you have a certain style in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that quartz floor tiles come in some unique colours and finishes. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, quartz floor tiles are the perfect complement to your home.

These natural stone tiles are referred to as quartz stone, although they may be better known as starlight quartz, glitter quartz, or sparkle tiles. These trending flooring tiles were once exclusive to trendy clubs, upscale restaurants, and luxury hotels. You’ll be pleased to know that quartz floor tiles are now available as a unique way to style your rooms.

A combination of natural quartz stones, resin, crushed mirror flecks, and colour pigment, quartz floor tiles are perfect for many settings. Not only are these tiles fascinating to look at, but they’re also durable and easy to care for. By the end of this post, we hope you’ll have the information you need about the features of quartz floor tiles to plan your new project.

The Best Quartz Floor Tiles

Neutral shades of quartz floor tiles will always be in style, from the dramatic look of black to the starlit glacial appearance of white. Although these tiles offer many colour possibilities, we’ve narrowed it down to a few classic selections of sparkle quartz tile.

Black Sparkle Quartz Tiles

It’s been said that black goes with everything, and so does this type of quartz tile. Black sparkle quartz tiles are perfect for Scandinavian and modern styles.

Chic and dramatic, it’s possible to create the illusion of a midnight sky filled with stars. The reflective mirror pieces set in a dark background create elegance and add an air of mystery. The sparkling surface and mirror particles create a high fashion look that mirrors your footsteps as you walk and allows for the introduction of bold colours.

White Sparkle Quartz Tiles

White sparkle quartz tiles can give your home a calm feeling on rainy days. Eye-catching and vibrant, white sparkle quartz tiles bring a frosted look to your minimalist space. These tiles are bright enough to catch the sunlight. Refreshing and elegant, this classic shade of quartz floor tile will match all the colours in your home. White sparkle quartz tiles bring highlights, making rooms seem more spacious while adding a welcoming touch.

Grey Sparkle Quartz Tiles

Polished and professional, grey sparkle quartz tiles have shimmering effects on a soft grey background. This contemporary colour option has specks of silver that glitter like stardust. 

This quartz floor tile is reflective and sophisticated, which creates a soothing, monochromatic space that works well with any colour palette. For a shimmering colour choice that is uncomplicated enough to handle any palette, grey sparkle quartz tiles will meet your expectations.

Quartz Floor Tile Buyer’s Guide

You’ll find the high-gloss finish of quartz tiles remarkable in the light. But better yet, you’ll find cleaning the quartz floor tiles trouble-free. The low maintenance and beautiful qualities of quartz floor tile make it ideal for even the most high-traffic locations in your home. No matter what shade you decide to choose, your floor will look great and still be easy to care for. We’ve included some of the best features of quartz floor tile along with some considerations below.

Why Choose Quartz Floor Tiles?

When shopping for floor tile, almost everyone is looking for affordability and durability paired with a pleasing appearance. Most of the time, these goals are hard to achieve in any one type of tile. The good news is, with improved manufacturing processes, you can have a beautiful floor that costs less than you thought it would. You’ll be delighted to learn that quartz floor tiles encompass all of your objectives at once.


  • Upgrades in the manufacturing process make quartz floor tiles more reasonable.
  • Quartz is scratch-resistant, making it an excellent material for the high-use areas in your home.
  • The high-traction surface of quartz floor tiles is less slippery than other stones when wet, making it a good option for bathroom floors.
  • Quartz floor tiles are often half the price of granite because it takes time to locate. Quartz is abundant.
  • Quartz is more durable than marble because it resists scratches and bacteria.
  • Quartz requires less care and maintenance. 


  • Quartz is less heat resistant than other materials such as marble.
  • Quartz is sensitive to temperature changes and should be installed indoors.
  • Quartz can fade and warp in direct sunlight.
  • High impacts can fracture or chip quartz, but the damage can be fixed by professionals. Repairs can be nearly invisible.

Installation Best Practices

Once you have chosen the perfect quartz flooring tile, there are considerations for installing quartz floor tiles. Before beginning your new tile project, let’s go over some important details such as adhesive, preparing the substrate, and fitting your quartz floor tiles.


Choosing the correct adhesive for your quartz floor tile installation is crucial for the success of your project. The following features should be considered when selecting your adhesive.

Adhesive Types

  • Be sure the surface is prepared correctly by ensuring it is level, solid, clean, and dry.
  • The fibre-reinforced adhesive is best for larger tiles because of the extended length of time you have to use the mix before having to discard it.
  • A low water content cement-based adhesive is the best choice to keep the tiles from being affected by the moisture in the adhesive.

Fitting Quartz Floor Tiles

Once you’ve purchased your adhesive, it’s time to examine how suitable your substrate is. There are some important preparations to make for the substrate before proceeding with the installation.

Substrate Preparation

  • Your substrate should be as level as possible.
  • Your substrate should be solid, clean, and dry.
  • Rid your substrate of dust, oils, or other loose materials.
  • New cement should have disconnecting sheets to avoid cracks during movement.

Sorting Your Tiles

Quartz has natural variations, and sorting tiles into batches of colour will help you prepare. Opening crates and stacking tiles against the wall into matching colour groups can help you decide what order these natural variations should appear. This can also help you decide which of your quartz floor tiles you will use for external cuts in your application.

Cutting Tiles

When it comes to cutting, a wet tile saw is recommended for the best results. If you are working around pipes, these areas may require drilling holes with a diamond drill bit and a diamond hole saw. Don’t forget to use enough water to keep your drill from overheating.

Sealing Quartz Floor Tiles

While the tiles aren’t porous, man made tiles require unique polishing applications. If you are installing your quartz floor tiles with coloured grout in high traffic areas, you’ll need to apply a sealant before grouting. You should buy a sealer made for machine-polished tiles because it’s the best way to avoid the creation of microscopic pores that could trap dirt or grout on the surface of your new floor.

Maintaining Quartz Floor Tiles (4 Key Tips)

Once your tile installation is complete, you will want to do everything you can to keep your new quartz tile floor looking great. Sooner or later, despite your best efforts, spills happen, dust builds up and accidental scratches occur. Nonetheless, a little preparation can go a long way. We’ve assembled a few tips to keep your luxurious new floor in optimum condition. Follow these steps, and your floor will provide you with years of ambience.

Tip 1: Blot Spills

Cleaning spills right away will reduce the likelihood of your quartz floor tiles getting stained. After a spill occurs, it’s best to blot the spill area instead of wiping it. Blotting prevents the spill from spreading on your floor.

Tip 2: Use Felt Pads

Applying felt pads on the bottom of furniture prevents most scratches from happening. There are a variety of felt pads available for purchase that will do the job.

Tip 3: Sweep Often

Sweeping regularly keeps dust from accumulating. Removing dirt and sand from your floor also helps prevent scratching.

Tip 4: Use Mild Cleaner

The best cleaner for quartz floor tiles is simply mild dishwashing soap and warm water. It’s also best to stay away from the use of acidic, alkaline, or abrasive cleaners. These can damage the stone. Avoid the use of scouring pads since they can leave scratches on your tiles.

In Conclusion

The process of choosing a shade of sparkling quartz tile perfect for your space is enjoyable and exciting. Ordering quartz floor tile samples helps you envision the way the tiles will appear in your space. We hope you feel ready to make an informed decision on whether quartz floor tiles are the best flooring solution for your home.

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