6 Moroccan Bathroom Tiles for an Exquisite and Artistic Wet Room

Moroccan bathroom tiles are inspired by the breathtaking geometric architecture of Morroco. Moroccan interior design includes intricate patterns with vivid and contrasting colours. Moroccan bathroom tiles are a trendy way to upgrade your home with an exotic and decorative atmosphere. 

They are popular in modern home magazines and Pinterest boards yet also stand the test of time for their classic style, a bright pop, and intricate designs. 

True Moroccan tiles are made in Morocco from local clays with hand-crafted techniques passed down through generations. However, tile brands all over the world are replicating the designs and patterns using various tile-making methods to offer affordable Moroccan tiles for your home. 

Check out some beautiful examples of six Moroccan tiles for an exquisite and artistic wet room. Let’s get started!

Classico Daisy Bloom Pattern Tiles

The Classico daisy bloom pattern tiles are gorgeous Moroccan-style bathroom tiles that make a powder room or wetroom a statement piece of your home. 

These exquisite pale blue, grey, and white tiles have a scored grid that gives the illusion of four smaller tiles. The Classico daisy bloom pattern tiles come in 450×450 millimetre squares and are ten millimetres thick. 

The Classico daisy bloom pattern tiles are made from dense-glazed ceramic with muted colours of pale blue, white, and grey. These tiles feature an easy-on-the-eye checkered and floral design that looks smart in bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, and hallways. 

All of the daisy bloom pattern tiles have a Grade 4 durability rating and are suitable for floors and accent walls. These matte ceramic tiles have a CAT-A barefoot anti-slip rating, so we recommend laying an antislip mat down if using these tiles for your shower floor tiling. 

These Moroccan bathroom tiles function with underfloor heating and look fantastic with white or grey grout. 

For something similar that is Moroccan-inspired yet vintage and subtle, check out the Classico Fleur Silver Pattern Tiles.

These Scintilla black star pattern tiles have a luxurious yet vintage vibe. 

The tiles have a scored grid to give the illusion of four small tiles connected. Each grid has a geometric star design at its centre. The tiles come in 450×450 millimetre squares and are eight millimetres thick. 

There is a stark contrast between the black stars and white tiles that adds an eye-catching statement to the floors and walls of bathrooms, kitchens, and more. These Moroccan-style bathroom tiles have a Grade 4 durability rating and are scratch and stain-resistant.

The Scintilla black star pattern tiles are easy to install. The best part? They are easy to clean, making these tiles perfect for wetrooms and kitchen backsplashes. The Scintilla black star pattern tiles are made from matte ceramic and function with underfloor heating. 

Scintilla offers several different colour options for their star pattern tiles including: 


This tile also comes in inverted colours with the geometric star design in white and the background black or sky blue

You can mix and match different tiles to further create a delightful mosaic effect of Moroccan architecture.

Moroccan tiles are famous for their complex geometric patterns, so the Ledbury slate grey pattern tiles are an ideal choice for a Moroccan-themed wetroom. These tiles have intricate designs in subdued colours that are trendy yet classic. 

The grey pattern tiles feature a scored grid that resembles four smaller tiles lined up to perfectly complete the geometric design. 

Ledbury’s tiles are made from ceramic and have a satin finish. This bathroom, kitchen, and statement tile has a Grade 4 durability rating and an R10 anti-slip surface. The Ledbury slate grey pattern tiles are ideal for bathroom floors because they have a PTV rating of +36 and are highly slip-resistant. 

These Moroccan-style ceramic tiles are heat resistant. These ceramic tiles pair well with water-fed and electrical underfloor heating or as a decorative design around a fireplace. 

The Ledbury slate grey pattern tiles are sold in 450×450 millimetre squares and are ten millimetres thick. These tiles look exquisite paired with white grout. 

For more of a statement, choose colour options like: 

Mr. Jones charcoal tiles are easy to clean and will spruce up a wetroom in a jiffy. These Moroccan-inspired tiles are suitable for floors and walls in any area of your home. 

Use Mr. Jones charcoal tiles to redecorate and add a vintage bohemian vibe. The charcoal tiles feature an interlocking grid pattern with floral-shaped accents. Each tile has a scored grid resembling four small tiles that fit snugly in place and seamlessly continue the pattern. 

These grey, black, and white tiles are ideal for those who prefer shades to colours. The design is modern yet classic and looks stylish and fresh in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and accent walls. 

The Mr. Jones charcoal Moroccan-style bathroom tiles are made from ceramic with a subtle matte finish. 

These tiles function with heated floorings. However, keep in mind that they are not frost resistant and will crack in the cold. The Mr. Jones charcoal tiles have a Grade 4 durability rating and an R10 anti-slip surface. These tiles are sold in 450×450 millimetre squares and are 9 millimetres thick.

Marrakesh has a worldwide reputation as the Moroccan city of luxury. The Trellis Marrakesh tiles take inspiration from this glamorous city and bring that luxury and style straight to your home. 

The Trellis Marrakesh tiles feature vibrant and colourful geometric patterns on scored tiles. These varied hues include paprika orange, sage green, sky blue, and midnight blue on a soft beige background. You could enjoy these kaleidoscope patterns on an accent wall or floors to brighten up a room. 

These Moroccan-style bathroom tiles have a Grade 3 durability rating and an R10 anti-slip surface. The Trellis Marakesh tiles are made from ceramic. These stylish tiles have a soft matte finish that makes them easy to clean and maintain. 

Use these Trellis Marrakesh tiles in your wetroom to add an artistic aesthetic. These ceramic tiles work with underfloor heating and have an anti-slip surface ideal for wetrooms. 

Trellis Marrakesh tiles come in 450×450 millimetre squares.

Check out the Trellis Casablanca tiles for a different design with a similar Moroccan-style colour scheme. 

Add a striking Moroccan-inspired feature wall with these Heritage Longleat multi-pattern tiles. These ceramic tiles resemble an intricate Moroccan mosaic with nine patterns on each tile. 

Update your wetroom with a burst of colour and an artistic design. The colour scheme of these tiles features pale to midnight blues, burnt umbers, browns, whites, and greys. 

Heritage Longleat multi-pattern tiles are suitable for floors and walls. These tiles are made from durable ceramic and work with heated bathroom floors.

Heritage Longleat multi-pattern tiles come in 316×316 millimetre squares and are nine millimetres thick. 

If the Heritage Longleat multi-pattern tiles are incompatible with your interior design pallet, check out the Heritage Hatfield Blue Pattern Tiles. The Hatfield tiles feature a similar mosaic design in blue, black, and white.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Moroccan Zellige tiles?

Moroccan Zellige tiles are handcrafted tiles made by artisans in Morocco. Zellige Tiles are made from terracotta and hand-dipped in glazes. Artisans who craft Moroccan Zellige tiles are called maâlems. These tiles are trendy decor options for homes as each one is unique.

Are Moroccan tiles easy to clean?

Yes, most Moroccan tiles are easy to clean with water and a neutral cleaning solution like vinegar. Zellige tiles are slightly more problematic to clean due to their uneven textures. Some Moroccan-style tiles recommend sealing after installation for ease of cleaning. 

Are Moroccan tiles slippery?

Moroccan tiles are often slippery. Be sure to check the anti-slip rating on the tile before installing them on your floors. After installation, add anti-slip mats to your bathroom floors or the bottom of your shower for additional protection. 

What are Moroccan tiles made out of?

Moroccan tiles are made from clay and fired in a kiln. Modern manufacturing processes for the mass production of Moroccan-style tiles use glazed ceramic. 


Simply put: Moroccan tiles add a splash of colour and eye-catching design to the aesthetic of your home. Go bold and choose bright bursts of arabesque colours, or choose classic black, white, and grey shades that never go out of style. 

Moroccan bathroom tiles transform the energy of a wetroom into a space that feels like a Marrakesh spa. The intricate patterns and colour schemes are ideal for accent walls in kitchens, bathrooms, and guest entertainment spaces. 

Use the six options in this list as inspiration to get started and show off your upgraded, exquisite, and artistic wetroom.

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