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Frequently asked mosaic tiling questions

In ancient times, the Greeks have perfected the art of mosaic which proved the test of time and is a popular design pattern to this very day. Mosaic tiling is the process of surface covering with hundreds of tiny mosaic tiles in virtually any shape, colour or form.

Given that a mosaic tile comprises many smaller tiles that create a one, rather flimsy, bigger tile is it much easier to cut, align and lay on surfaces. An additional benefit of the mosaic is that they typically come with a backer sheet that ensures the foundation is as even as possible.

Technically, yes. As long as the underlying tile is in good condition and the surface is level, dry and clean, you can lay over mosaic tiles.

While mosaic tiles need a different kind of grout usually, they definitely need the sealer as well. The grout can give your mosaic tiles a really nice, professional look as well so definitely worth it.

This depends on the design and material used. There’s a wide variety of mosaic tiles ranging from £3.65 through £20.00 per sheet so there is one for everyone’s budget.

You certainly can, in fact, it is a lot easier to cut and work with than their ceramic or porcelain counterparts.

There are many products on the market but we trust the Mapei brand the most.

They definitely can be used. Actually, because of the increased grout volume, it adds an extra layer of slip resistance which is particularly useful in slippery conditions, for example in a shower.