12 Limestone Tiles if You Want to Give Your Home a Mediterranean Vibe

Limestone tiles are sedimentary stones made from calcium. These natural stones have naturally occurring fissures that give each tile a unique look and feel. 

The downside? Limestone tiles are high maintenance and may crack. Why? Because moisture and wear and tear expand the natural fissures inside the stone. Limestone tiles can be used on floors, accent walls, and showers with regular re-sealing and maintenance. 

Porcelain tiles are a more durable alternative made to look like limestone tiles. Porcelain offers a similar look without the maintenance of sealing or the fear of cracks of.  

Below, we have highlighted some limestone tiles and limestone effect tiles that will add a natural look to a space and give your home a Mediterranean vibe. 

Get some inspiration for your next home reno project with these 12 pieces below. Let’s dive in.

Calcario Anthracite Tiles

The Calcario Anthracite Tiles are glazed porcelain tiles with a limestone look. Each tile has fissure-looking lines that emulate the appearance of limestone. These stylish matt tiles are charcoal black and grey and add a dramatic look to wetrooms, kitchen floors, and other areas of your home. 

The Calcario Anthracite tiles have a Grade 4 durability rating with an R10 anti-slip surface. These tiles are suitable to use with underfloor heating. 

These limestone-style tiles come in 750×750 millimetre squares and are 9 millimetres thick.

Create a rustic stone accent wall with the Stacked Limestone Effect Tiles. The uneven texture and slight color variations make these porcelain wall tiles look like natural stones are meticulously stacked. 

The Stacked Limestone Effect Tiles are light beige and brighten up a space, giving your home a Mediterranean vibe. 

These limestone-inspired tiles have a slight matt finish and a Grade 4 durability rating. 

These tiles are not suitable for use with underfloor heating, but you can install these stacked limestone effect tiles on the interior and exterior spaces of your home. 

The Stacked Limestone Effect Tiles come as 650×333 millimetre rectangles 10 millimetres thick.

Tavla Matt Calico Limestone Effect Tiles add a sleek and natural limestone tile feel to a living room floor or tiled bathroom. 

The best part? The Tavla Matt Calico Limestone Effect Tiles are inspired by Portuguese limestone. These limestone effect tiles have a slightly textured surface to simulate the feeling of natural limestone. However, these limestone effect tiles are porcelain. Porcelain is less maintenance and more durable than limestone.  

The Tavla Matt Calico Limestone Effect Tiles have a Grade 5 durability rating and an R10 anti-slip rating.

Take the worry of slips and falls from your mind with Titanium Limestone Circular Stud Anti-Slip Tiles. These tiles have grooved surfaces with an  R13/C anti-slip rating. These Titanium limestone tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and near kitchen sinks. 

These porcelain Titanium tiles are durable, with a Grade 5 durability rating. Use these tiles in the exterior or interior of your home and with underfloor heating systems. 

The Titanium Limestone Circular Stud Anti-Slip Tiles come as 198×198 millimetre squares 9 millimetres thick.

The Chiffon Limestone Effect Matt Tiles are sand coloured and instantly give your home a Mediterranean vibe. Not true limestone tiles, the Chiffon tiles are durable porcelain with a matt finish. 

These floor tiles have a Grade 4 durability rating and do not need sealing as limestone tile does. The beige and ivory colours make these tiles suitable for nearly any space of your home to brighten it up and give it a natural feel. 

These tiles are suitable for floors and function with underfloor heating. For a natural limestone tile accent wall, check out the Chiffon Limestone Effect Wave Tiles.

The Nantlle Valley Mineral Grey Limestone Effect Mosaic Tiles are inspired by natural stones from Britain. These cool grey tiles are made from durable porcelain and have a matt finish. 

Each tile is 72×72 millimetres and is scored with 16 smaller squares for an easy-to-install natural stone mosaic effect. 

These tiles are suitable for floors and walls with a Grade 4 durability rating and an R10 anti-slip rating.

Bring some light into your space with beige and ivory Titanium hints. These faux limestone tiles are made from durable porcelain with a matt finish. These easy-to-clean tiles add a Mediterranean vibe with less maintenance than real versions. 

The Titanium versions have a Grade 5 durability rating and they work with underfloor heating. 

The best part? These have a selection of additional tile parts for a seamless limestone finish at every angle. Choose between options like: 

Give your home a natural look with the Largo Mist White Tiles. These white tiles have a brushed, textured surface that emulates the feel of natural stone. The rectangular design gives them a modern look that widens a space. 

The Largo Mist White Tiles have a matt finish with an R10 anti-slip rating. These limestone-looking tiles are made from porcelain and are easy to clean and maintain. These tiles are long-lasting, with a Grade 4 durability rating.

Create the look and texture of a natural stone accent wall with the Troverta Muretto Ash Tiles. These easy-to-install ceramic tiles have a textured surface that emulates natural stone. 

The Troverta Muretto Ash Tiles are light grey and made from ceramic. These small stone strips are the perfect balance between a tidy and organized look and an organic and natural feel. 

For a similar look and feel in smaller squares, take a peek at the Troverta Cubic Ash Tiles.

The Brixton Brule Tiles have a textured surface that simulates the feel of porous natural stone. The Brixton Brule Tiles are made from ceramic with a matt finish and are suitable for both walls and floors. 

The beige and ivory hues add a lightness to a room, but if a darker natural stone is more your tune, then take a look at the Brixton Smoke Tiles

Both options have a Grade 4 durability rating and work with underfloor heating.

Add a rustic yet chic look to your home decor with Andra Antiqued Steel Limestone Tiles. These are made with tumbled edges and natural discolourations. 

Create a calming space by using these natural stone tiles inside your home or for exterior spaces like gardens. 

They have a 5 durability rating and have a light satin finish. 

These tiles come in 600×400 millimetre tiles that are 15 millimetres thick.

We’re not through yet! There is one more limestone tile that is inspiration worthy. 

The Malham Limestone Effect Grey Panel Tiles create a striking effect as a natural accent wall in homes. With a brushed limestone effect, these easy to install panels bring a soothing feel to bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. 

The Malham Limestone Effect Grey Panel Tiles are made from ceramic and measure 750×250 millimetres and are 9.5 millimetres thick.

Wrapping Up

Simply put: limestone tiles are a trendy way to give your home a Mediterranean vibe and bring the outside world into your living spaces. Limestone and limestone-effect tiles simulate the feeling of a spa or luxury resort. These natural stone tiles also pair beautifully with houseplants and classic color schemes. 

Real limestone requires some additional maintenance than the regular run of the mill tiles. Luckily, you can find a wide selection of tiles that emulate the look and feel of real stone without the need to regularly maintain it. 

Use one or a combination of these 12 limestone tiles for your next home glow up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is limestone flooring hard to maintain?

Real limestone flooring is slightly more work to maintain than other tiles options. Limestone is a naturally porous stone with grooves that make it more maintenance to clean. Regular sealing must be performed to prolong the lifespan of your floors.

Is limestone slippery when wet?

Limestone flooring is typically not slippery when wet due to the natural grooves that add traction. However, porcelain and ceramic tiles that emulate the limestone effect can be slippery when wet. Be sure to check the anti-slip rating before purchasing. 

Do limestone tiles need sealing?

Yes, real limestone tiles require sealing upon installation and re-sealing throughout the tiles’ lifespan. Moisture and regular wear and tear can crack and chip edges or cause naturally occurring cracks inside of the stone to expand. 

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