professional tilers in Liverpool

Excellent worker, highly meticulous and most importantly he doesn’t leave a huge mess! Highly recommended!


definitely worth waiting for the work to start as the results are amazing! He is excellent!


100% recommend that anyone who wants a quality tiler. Very happy with my bathroom


How much is a tiler per hour in the UK?

Tilers tend to charge based on the square metre of area tiled. The rate varies across the country of course, but generally speaking, you can calculate with a £30-£50 per square metre if the work doesn't last a whole day. For more complex work requiring more time, the tradesman may quote a daily rate.

Can you set tile and grout on the same day?

There are special adhesives nowadays that do indeed allow you to install the tiles and grout on the same day.

Is ceramic tile ok for shower walls?

Ceramic tiles are frequently used on bathroom walls, including the shower area so there’s no problem with that. They tend to be cheaper than their porcelain counterparts and thus they make good materials when on a budget.

How much does it cost to tile a small bathroom in the UK?

Several factors are going into the cost calculation when planning a bathroom tiling exercise. The cost of tile per square metre, the adhesive and other materials required, the tiling contractor you use and even the complexity of the space (like power outlets, difficult to reach areas) that may make the work last longer.
Generally speaking and while keeping material costs low, the cost should be expected to come in between £500 and £900.

Does tile flooring increase home value?

Apparently, a handy way to bump up your property value is to invest in new tiles in your bathroom and perhaps getting a backsplash area in the kitchen too. These two beauty alterations can make a long way in propping up your house value and getting the sale at the same time!