12 Living Room Tiles From Retro to Modern Styles

Finding the perfect living room floor tiles can be difficult. In addition to figuring out the tiles that match your furniture, it can be a challenge to find the right size and color. Budgeting for your new tiles is another factor that may cause stress and strain on your already overloaded plate.

There’s no need for concern, however. The following 12 living room floor tiles feature different designs for a broad spectrum of preferences and room needs, from retro to modern styles. Moreover, our listed tiles range from inexpensive to luxurious, offering options for everyone regardless of budget. 

As early as the third century C.E., ancient Roman bathhouses used designed tiles engraved with the names of their emperors. Stylish tiles seem to run as deep as history itself. These 12 options can help you find the right tile to make you feel just as cozy as ancient Romans may have.

Whether you are looking for tiles with a pop of color or a theme, these tiles can match everything you are trying to achieve with your living room tiles. You will enjoy many of these tiles that incorporate white tones, wood-like designs, and ocean-like swirls.

What Color Is the Best for Living Room Floor Tiles?

In recent years, modern house design has moved away from colored tiles and relying on white tiles that can assist in a minimal design and help open up a room or area. Living rooms with white floors often make the furniture pop more and help make the room look larger and more extravagant. Using white space also boosts the natural visual appeal of a room or design.

When it comes to graphic and room design, sometimes less is more. However, there are many praises to sing about retro and vintage designs. Not only can these designs bring back pieces of the past, but they can also help a room liven up and feel more fun.

White is the best color for those with dark, unpatterned furniture. Additionally, those looking to instill a minimalist design aesthetic will likely benefit from all-white tiles. Some white tiles may have small patterns that can help draw the eyes in and give them a place to rest.

Rich, bold colors accompany many retro tiles and may help instill your home with a more robust color palette. Retro patterns and colors are often beige or tones of green with swirls. Often thought to be relics of a time long passed, retro-like floor tiles are coming back to the forefront of home improvement fashion.

What Tile Size Should I Choose?

Choosing the right size tile can be a challenge, but many options work for rooms of all sizes. Smaller living room areas may not require larger tiles. However, since the living room is likely the largest in your home and typically uniform, you may benefit from choosing the largest size available. For example, 6-inch by 6-inch tiles may be tedious to place and require more than larger 12-inch by 12-inch tiles.

The suggested size for most living room areas is around 18-inch by 12-inch. There are, however, larger 24-inch by 24-inch tiles and other varieties to choose from if you desire larger tiles. Keep in mind that you or your contractor may have to cut tiles to create a uniform and flush look at the edges and baseboards of your home.

To reduce the odds of needing to cut tiles, you may wish to measure the length of the floor you want to cover and see if that number is divisible by 12, 18, or 24 inches. You can then reduce the risk of having to cut tiles and having an even and uniform spread across your living room floor.

The Best Living Room Tiles From Retro to Modern Styles

Finding affordable, luxurious, or simply matching floor tiles for your living room can be difficult. However, these 12 options can keep you from losing your mind trying to find the right one. Keep in mind the design style you are looking for as you browse.

You will want to consider these aspects of your living room as you browse:

  • Whether you are paying professional contractors or doing it yourself.
  • The style, color, and architecture of your furniture.
  • Any future furniture changes or renovations you want to make.
  • Messy pets or young children who may be accident-prone and damage tiles.

Review our choices of the best 12 living room floor tiles available and see which options fit your needs.

Decor Daiza White Pav Porcelain Tile

This retro title is unique. Pastel coloration of light blue and gray can likely match dozens of furniture options and create a truly harmonious feel inside your home. This 8-inch by 8-inch tile is in the middle ground of affordability and luxury, making it ideal for medium-income families looking to renovate with a near-regal look.

Retro Naveta Beveled Porcelain Mosaic Tile

With a diamond-like, bleached look, these tiles are sure to please. These tiles mix modern design with nostalgia. This tile has a beautiful beige outline with rotating diamonds that give the tile a beachy feel. This tile can give your room a broader sense of design when used in a living room.

Retro Blanco Reclaimed Wood Look Tile

With a wood-like look, these tiles look like wood planks lightened by the sun. Brown tones in this tile will give your living room a beachy feel. Additionally, designs are not uniform and can leave your living room feeling like a patio paradise instead. If you are looking for a beach cabana style, this modern tile will be everything you need.

Esagona Intarcio Silver Wood Look Porcelain Tile

This honeycomb tile is a modern take on a retro style. With both dark and light tones, this light brown color can remind you of coffee while keeping you feeling calm and collected. This porcelain tile looks exactly like wood but stands the test of time.

Terrazo Bianco Macro Porcelain Tile

There may be nothing more retro than a speckled tile, but this Terrazo Bianco tile brings retro to the modern age. This fun and unusual tile can provide your living room with a pop of Earth-tone colors while maintaining a sophisticated look.

Apollo Tile Gray Polished Natural Stone Marble Honeycomb Tile

This tile has gray outlines and a honeycomb shape, making it the epitome of sophistication and grace. These tiles are a mere 5-inch by 13-inch size, but they will offer your living room a fun and exciting look.

Morris & Co. Pure Net Linen Porcelain Tile

If you are looking for a regal look, this tile can give you everything you need. As if popped directly from a television show about Victorian London or Paris, this tile comes from a designer from 1895.

Volakas Honed Large Herringbone Marble Mosaic Tile

A modern design, the sharp angles of the Volakas Honed tile can make your living room look sophisticated and up-to-date. This tile is luxurious and may not be a good pick for a family on a budget or a larger living room.

EliteTile Laja Ceramic Tile

This tile is reminiscent of an outdoor garden and can make your living room pop from the gray tones. This tile would look perfect paired with indoor plants and natural-looking decor.

Ivy Hill Numa Porcelain Wood Look Tile

This modern and chic design looks just like wood, but the pale color can make your living room look more open and offers a light color to match other furniture and decorations.

Merola Tile Canet Marron Porcelain Tile

If you are looking for a fairytale style, this tile is what you may be looking to employ in your home. This tile lacks uniformity and can cause your home to look like a paradise out of a Victorian garden.

MSI Amantus Encaustic Matte Porcelain Tile

Based on designs from the 1800s, this tile is an elegant design reminiscent of old London. This design is lightly faded, which can assist in making your living room feel more open while also adding a splash of contrasting black and gray.

The Right Tile Can Enhance Your Whole Living Room

These 12 options for living room floor tiles will not only give your home the feel you are looking for but can enhance your whole living room design and aesthetic. By choosing one of these options, you can make your living room seem larger, brighter, and friendlier to everyone who enters through the threshold.

Some of these tiles may be expensive, but they can be well worth the cost. You may wish to install them yourself or hire expert tilers to do that for you and ease the burden on yourself.

However, no matter which option you choose, your home can benefit from renewed versions of nostalgic retro styles or modern designs. Whether you desire a retro or a modern design, these tiles can get you covered and keep you happy with the result.

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