Reclaimed Tiles: 12 Examples of Old Becoming New and Wonderful

There was a time when most people used tiles to finish their homes. Owners tiled floors and roofs depending on the house location and needs. But then, the tiles got old, and people wanted something new. So, it was out with the old tiles and in with new fashion! But what about finding those old, reclaimed tiles?

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, as you know. Finding old discontinued tiles can be inexpensive if someone is discarding them. You can also find them available for sale from people who deal in antiques. The cost for these will vary, usually based on how limited they are. 

Reclaimed tiles often have a history behind them that will add a story to your projects. Most antique tiles are one of a kind or, at least, made in a limited amount. They are unique because people used to manufacture tiles by hand. Antique and reclaimed tiles are also often sturdier than their modern counterparts. That sturdiness is just another benefit.

You might be wondering what to do with those old tiles. You can use ceramic, wood, and other types of tiles for many practical projects. You can also use those beautiful vintage tiles to add interest to your home. There are projects for every part of the house. 

We will look at twelve types of tiles you can buy for that antique look and show some ideas of what you can do with them! So, let’s take a closer look.

Rustic Blue Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

These tiles are designed to look like weathered wood reclaimed from an old building. Made of durable porcelain, these tiles are easy to care for. They are scratch-resistant, and you can use them with underfloor heating systems.

Can you imagine how nice these would look as an accent wall behind a sink or bathtub? The tiles vary in design, so you can make any pattern you like. The tiles come in brown, grey, and blue.

These porcelain tiles have the look of paint-washed, reclaimed wood. The slight blue colour is just enough to perk up a dull area or add a bit of interest to a monotonous place. 

These tiles are perfect for lining a kitchen island or a freestanding minibar in the den or family room. You could also make a nice wall art piece with these tiles. The tiles can be a background for a pithy quote or a personalised family sign.

Simple but beautiful, these chevron wood tiles look like distressed wood. Their angles add a fun touch to a wall or floor, lending a rustic cabin look. You can add character to any room with these porcelain tiles. 

These would also work well as a stylish top for a coffee table or side table. The light colour is beautiful for an entryway or living room wall. It will reflect daylight and lamplight and give a cheerful feel to the whole room.

What do you think about beige? These caramel tiles are a pleasant departure from the commonly used white. They add a healthy glow to the floor or wall and give it a warm, welcoming feel. 

These porcelain tiles have a faded, aged effect and the chevron layout draws the eye. You can add warmth and character to a bedroom, bathroom, or family room with these beautiful golden-tan tiles.

Bring a rustic cabin home with these porcelain tiles made to look like whitewashed wood. More durable than wood, they look exactly like old wood in narrow strips. Unlike many tiles, they are not shiny, so they look more realistic.  

These are beautiful in a kitchen or as an accent wall. You can use them to decorate a hallway or small bathroom. The tiles are light and cheerful, with a distressed look to convince others that you have wood tiles.

These urban tiles convey the feeling of character and whimsy. Though sold as floor tiles, you can use them on a wall as a statement. The mottled chevron design includes brown, white, and grey. 

You can add character to the inside of a bookshelf or knick-knack shelf with these tiles. Imagine a candle holder glued firmly to the front of one of these tiles. It would make a whimsical sconce, don’t you think?

Long, narrow, whitewashed boards look amazing on the living room or dining room floor. Create the feel of a cabin in the woods with these faded wood-effect porcelain tiles. Reinvent your living spaces with the rustic comfort lent by these distressed tiles. 

You can attach these plank tiles to a television stand or a low, wide bookshelf for the reclaimed, vintage effect.

These caramel-coloured plank tiles are long and narrow like their wood counterparts. You can change a pale, old interior into a warm area that exudes history and interest with these tiles. Even partly covered with a rug, wood-adjacent tiles add a pleasant air to a room.

An accent wall made of caramel wood plank tiles is a great backdrop for a sitting room or a bedroom. It still reflects and amplifies light, but it is easy on the eyes.

The light blue tint of chevron tiles adds a bit of summer and coolness to a room. Tiles like these are great in a bathroom or sunny bedroom. The chevron layout makes them an excellent choice for an accent wall. 

You might consider using these tiles to frame a piece of artwork or decorate the top of a low bookshelf. Their beautiful colour can have an uplifting effect on visitors and family members.

With a rustic style, these extra-long plank tiles look like faded, painted wood. The distressed feature offers a nice, country feel. The durable porcelain will last indefinitely. Renew a room by retiling the floor or wall with these light blue tiles.

You can make your family room feels like a whole new place by adding an accent wall in this gorgeous colour. It would almost be like bringing in the sky for a visit.

You might not think of grey tiles when you consider redoing your home, but maybe you should. The colour is not drab or sad in these porcelain tiles. Give your home a new, updated look that offers a sense of outdoor living. 

You can remind the whole family of holidays in the country by using durable grey tiles in the entryway and living room. Decorate with candles and pops of colour to make the whole area modern and festive every day.

Chevron tiles add a touch of movement to a room that might otherwise seem uninteresting. Make the floor or wall of the bedroom or sitting room resplendent with these delightful porcelain tiles. 

A cool mix of brown, white, and grey makes these tiles perfect for matching with decor or rugs. The distressed look is comfortable and gives it a lived-in look that people find cosy.

Other Projects

Have you ever thought about all the different possible projects you can do with reclaimed tiles? Consider these ideas: 

  • Make a backsplash behind a sink or tub with various tiles or with matching ones to artfully protect against water damage. 
  • Surround the oven with durable, heat-resistant tiles for another type of backsplash. The tiles will make it easier to clean and protect the house wall.
  • Make accent art such as mosaics from broken tiles fit into a frame. Or place tiles directly on a wall to draw the eye and add interest and character to the area.
  • Tile the shower walls to give it a more cosy feel. The right tile can increase the relaxing sensation of your shower. Using light colours also amplifies natural light. 
  • Sconces made from tiles and candle holders add an enchanting focal point on a wall or end table. Reflective tile will assist in brightening up an area. 
  • You can make coasters with reclaimed tiles, bits of slate tiles, or parts of new tiles. Tiles that absorb moisture are the best option for this project.
  • You can also use tiles to make murals, serving trays, tabletops, and many other projects.


Using antique and reclaimed tiles to add interest to your home is fun. Create focal points with reclaimed tile to add visual interest and a touch of history to your home. You can create focal points on the wall, on the floor, or in a piece of art or furniture.

With the twelve tile products featured in this article, you can have easy access to high-quality materials for your projects.

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