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Frequently asked kitchen tiling questions

It really depends on the space you have to work with but usually, you need to calculate the centre point of an area and make your way towards a wall or corner, otherwise, you risk having a full tile on one end and an awkward ending on the other.

One of the most frequently purchased kitchen backsplash tiles can be found here

To each their own. Most earth or matte coloured surfaces can go really well in most kitchens but this is really very much down to everyone’s unique tastes.

It is definitely worth tiling the entire kitchen floor before installing the kitchen cabinets. Good flooring and solid foundations can protect your kitchen furniture from mould or other damages.

Not necessarily. We are kitchen tilers who implement whatever material we are provided but we usually see two different, complementary colours for the most optimal visual outcome.

We have seen very nice marble or natural-feel backsplash tiles that gave the kitchen some warmth with “earthy” colours while remaining neutral overall.

We strongly recommend that you do. We have seen far too many scenarios during kitchen renovations that the dishwasher didn’t have appropriate flooring/tiling and whenever there was any problem with the kitchen appliance, it was difficult to move the device and created some other challenges too.

This is a budget and design question. We have worked on backsplash kitchen tiling that ran as high as the ceiling and we had other, more modest implementations as well. As long as there is enough money for the tiles and plenty of imagination, we can make it work.