Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles: 7 Designs of Natural Look In Your House

A lot of houses opt for wood due to its timeless, unchanging charm. But, wood can be a hassle with regular waxing, oiling, and special treatment. The good news is that you can achieve wood flooring without installing hardwood

Wood effect porcelain tiles look similar to a tree’s bark and can be used indoors or outdoors. These tiles immediately create a soft and welcoming environment. You can spice up any room with this flooring, and its applications are endless. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of colour options to choose from to bring your vision to life. If you’re a fan of nature, then wood effect porcelain tiles are a great option since they provide the authentic beauty of wood with additional functionality. 

Porcelain resists time, is sustainable, aesthetic, and adds value to any space. Its warm appearance gives the effect of wood without actual wood. Real wood has its limits; for example, you shouldn’t use wood in bathrooms and kitchens with water exposure and humidity. 

Wood effect porcelain tiles will continue to be in style, with their versatility and easy installation with or without grout. Wood effect tiles are a durable, modern, elegant, and traditional look that’s low maintenance and slip-resistant.

Top 7 Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

There are plenty of wood effect porcelain tiles out there. But, we’ll talk about the best picks if you want the authentic, detailed wood appearance with the hard-wearing ability of porcelain.

Product specs:

  • Size: 150 x 900 x 10mm
  • Weight: 3.19kg
  • Grade 4 (moderate to heavy traffic areas)
  • Underfloor heating

Muniellos light oak tile gives the charm and feel of real wood with the long-lasting effect of tile. The wood grain is realistic with a matt finish that can transform both wall and floor spaces with a natural design.

The most fashionable woods, like oak, inspire the cream colour that’s easy to match with furniture and other accessories around the house. With darker accents and light furniture, you can create a monochrome, subtle, and elegant appearance in your home.

Rustic Blue Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

Product specs:

  • Size: 150 x 600 x 9mm
  • Weight: 1.98kg

The second pick has an eye-catching design of aged, weathered wood. The faded paint appearance gives a worn illusion. The rustic tiles vary in appearance from one tile to another, allowing you to piece together exactly the appearance you want. This stunning wood effect porcelain can be used in any room. 

With eight different designs, you can get a mix of different colours and characteristics. Like all porcelain, this option doesn’t require any treatment or real maintenance, lasting a long time and enduring scratches and stains. You can use these tiles on the floors and walls to create a unique atmosphere.

Product specs:

  • Size: 225 x 1195mm
  • Weight: 5.12kg

For those looking for a cool grey wood tile, look no further. If you have marble countertops, this tile looks spectacular amongst similar shades of white and grey. Tiveden wood effect tiles have a surface glaze that’s soft to the touch, making a cosier environment. You can comfortably walk on this flooring barefoot.  

Additionally, this tile has a rectified edge, meaning you can have a tighter grout joint that gives a lifelike, natural wood feel. You can use this tile on walls and floors. The porcelain makes it more difficult to scratch and stain. These durable tiles don’t require sealing, and after being installed, they’re easy to clean.

Parlor Fallow Walnut Wood Effect Tiles

Product specs:

  • Size: 233 x 1200 x 10mm
  • Weight: 6.24kg

The Parlour ivory-coloured walnut wood effect tiles are warm, soothing, and natural. The plank-shaped tiles give a realistic wooden appearance with added knots and grain effects. You can use them in any space. 

The beige colour allows you to be creative in your home with decor and other wooden furniture to complement the flooring. These tiles work well with both dark and light accessories that bring focus to your room without being too distracting.

Royal Oak Plank Wood Effect Tiles

Product specs:

  • Size: 230 x 1200 x 10mm
  • Weight: 6.22kg
  • Grade 5 (heavy, constant traffic)

The Royal oak plank wood effect tiles make a great addition to your updated home. The stylish mid-brown and realistic tiles have a bold, classic woodgrain print that can create a comfortable, cosy room or add contrast to your modern design in the living room.

Its lifelike design can transform your dull floor into a space with definition and character. The royal oak has a subtle wood effect, meaning you can use it easily alongside other colourful, patterned tiles without your room becoming too busy.

Product specs:

  • Size: 150 x 900 x 10mm
  • Weight: 3.29kg

This charming tile gives the feel of wood with durability and a matt finish. Each tile has a unique design that gives a realistic wood appearance that can update your wall or floor space easily. The Muniellos wood effect tiles establish naturality and warmth to any room.

The varied brown shades work well with both dark paint and light grey marble. You can achieve modernism with specific lights and other accessories, and the floor goes well with indoor plants for a splash of colour amongst the brown.

Product specs:

  • Size: 150 x 900 x 10mm
  • Weight: 3.28kg

The Muniellos honey oak wood effect tiles make your flooring feel alive with various knots and grains mixed in with a wonderful brown shade that looks excellent amongst darker bricks or paint. Luxurious indoor furniture will look natural amongst this flooring, or you could liven your backyard with rustic flooring and lounge chairs.  

Each tile has a matt finish and durability. With 33 different designs, these tiles randomly vary floor and wall space. Green and black shades work well with the honey tiles to create a rustic and customizable space wherever you decide to install them.

Frequently asked questions

Does porcelain wood tile scratch or crack easily?

Hardwood flooring is classic, timeless, and sophisticated. However, real wood is costly, hard to maintain, and wears easily. Porcelain wood tiles provide the look without needing to install real wood.  

Not only are wood effect tiles less expensive per square foot, making them a great budget-friendly choice, but they are easy to maintain. On the flip side, traditional wood is susceptible to scratches and water damage. 

Porcelain tiles are strong and don’t scratch or show signs of daily use. They’re water-resistant so you won’t see swelling or warping in rooms with water. That said, any tile can break or chip if heavy items are dropped on it. For the strongest results, get tiles with grades of four or five. Store some extra tiles in case you need to make repairs down the line. 

Does porcelain tile increase home value?

Porcelain tiles are a source of beauty while being an investment. They show that the owner values their home and potential buyers know that quality and appearance are important. To have lasting floors shows you took care and pride in your home. Therefore, you can list a higher price range with better value since wood flooring attracts buyers. 

Wood flooring has multiple looks with a sleek, charming, and cosy feel. Its look and feel instantly convey quality even though the installation and maintenance are simple. Additionally, buyers like the durability against water, staining and scratching. Wood effect porcelain tiles are a definite selling point for hygienic and committed home buyers.

What can damage porcelain tile?

Wood effect porcelain tiles simply need regular, basic cleaning with warm water and mild, gentle soap. You can use a multipurpose spray cleaner to remove hard water deposits or soap stains. You should not use cleaning products that contain acids or other harsh chemicals. These can damage the grout and glazed surfaces of the porcelain. Make sure you clean with compatible products to avoid damage and discoloration.   

Permanent inks or dyes are also not removable. So if you do spill, rinse the area with water and clean with an appropriate product. Prevent stains with juice, wine, or coffee by wiping up spills immediately. The good news is that porcelain doesn’t fade from sunlight exposure and only requires some sweeping and vacuuming to remove debris.

Are wood effect porcelain tiles cold?

Wood effect tiles can be hard and cold underneath your feet especially if you spend a lot of time standing. The best recommendation is to invest in some non-slip rugs or mats to cut down the texture. All the above tiles are equipped with the underfloor heating option.

Hardwood is much warmer than tiles, and you might especially notice the temperature change during wintertime. Tile is denser, so that’s why it transmits and repels heat more effectively than other common flooring options. Even though it’s a tad colder, tile is good for people with allergies because it doesn’t store dirt and pollen like carpet.

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