6 Glitter Floor Tiles to Brighten Up and Make Your Rooms Sparkle

House tiles are meant to transform your home into a space that is a reflection of who you are. The rooms of your house should spark joy when you walk in. What is better than glitter to light up the life of a room? Add some sparkle and personality to your home décor with glitter floor tiles. 

Glitter floor tiles are popular accents to add a touch of luxury and sparkle to your space. Interior designers use glitter tiles as accent tiles in checkerboard designs for kitchen floors, mosaic backsplashes, and around bathroom mirrors. There are many creative ways to install glitter floor and bathroom tiles in your home for a dazzling outcome. 

Below we will highlight some of the best glitter floor tiles to brighten up and make your rooms sparkle. Let’s get started.

White Sparkle Quartz Tiles

Use these white sparkle quartz tiles on floors or walls to create a glitter look in your home without going full-scale sparkle. These tiles are 92 per cent quartz, and the rest is virgin resin and mirror shards to achieve a Grade 5 durability rating and beautiful yet subtle sparkle. 

The white tile has light specks of grey that add texture. These tiles are great for kitchen backsplashes or floor tiles since the small flecks help hide little crumbs and splashes. The light shade and sparkle add brightness to rooms making them appear updated and modern. 

The tiles are manufactured in India and have small mirror pieces and copper particles that reflect light and a glitter effect.

Install these glittering floor tiles in kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. They are compatible with underfloor heating and come in a range of sizes. 

Find these white sparkle quartz tiles in sizes like: 

  • 600×600 millimetres 
  • 300×300 millimetres
  • 600×300 millimetres
  • 50×50 millimetre mosaic tiles

Want Euphoria vibes for your interior design? Then look no further than these purple haze mosaic tiles from the Dazzle range. 

Each tile is made of glass and has a textured metallic bottom. The glass reflects the light from the metallic sticker creating a unique iridescent purple, blue, and gold sparkle. 

The Dazzle line comes in various colours for glitter floor and wall tiles. Compare the Purple Haze Mosaic Tiles to: 

The purple haze mosaic tiles create an accent wall in bedrooms and are easy to install and cut with a mesh webbing backing. 

Want to know the best part? Glass is nonporous, mildew, and mould resistant, so it is an ideal tile for use in bathrooms or around kitchen stoves. With proper water sealing and anti-mould grout, these mosaic tiles also make impressive glitter floor tiles for inside showers. 

The Dazzle purple haze mosaic tiles are scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

The Dazzle range of mosaic tiles comes in 305×305 millimetre sheets composed of 324 individual glass tiles. Cut them to size to place around mirrors or fit on an accent wall.

Black tiles add a stark contrast to white home decals for a modern aesthetic. Choose black sparkle quartz tiles for subtle flecks of glitter around your home. These durable quartz tiles are made from 92 per cent natural quartz. Mirror shards and resin are mixed with the quartz to create the glitter effect. 

These luxurious tiles are best installed on floors and walls. The natural stone gives these tiles texture and shading variations that make each tile unique. 

Install black sparkle quartz tiles in bathrooms to add contrast to white porcelain. Black sparkle quartz tiles are installable over underfloor heating and are suitable for bathroom tiles. These tiles also add a dramatic look to kitchen floors or as backsplashes. 

Find these black sparkle quartz tiles in sizes like: 

  • 600×600 millimetres 
  • 300×300 millimetres
  • 600×300 millimetres
  • 50×50 millimetre mosaic tiles

You might be wondering if a grey tile is still a good choice for your home. Grey is never going out of style as it is the ideal shade to match black and white appliances, finishings, and furniture. Modernise the look of your bathroom or kitchen by adding grey glitter tiles.

Combine these grey sparkle quartz tiles with a darker tile for chequered glitter floors. Or use them solo for a soft yet appealing accent to bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. 

Quartz is a durable material for glitter floor tiles but should be sealed if used in bathrooms and kitchens. Quartz is a stone that has naturally occurring porous surfaces, and sealing the surface will ensure it is more durable.

Create an earth-tone sanctuary in your home with quartz beige mosaic tiles. The beige colour beautifies kitchens and bathrooms for a natural stone look. Pair this tile with plants or seashells to further create a natural feel inside your home. 

These mosaic tiles come in sheets of 305×305 millimetres and are made of granulated natural quartz. Embedded in the stone are tiny mirror shards that look like gold flakes that gently reflect light. 

The best place to install quartz beige mosaic tiles is in bathrooms and kitchens. Keep these tiles away from areas with direct sunshine or heat since these can discolour the stone. Due to discolouration from heat, the quartz beige mosaic glitter floor tiles are not suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.

For tiles that add a pop of colour and sparkle to a room, check out the glistening red mix mosaic tiles. These iridescent gold, red, white, and blue glitter tiles are perfect for accent walls, statement bathrooms, and decorative kitchen backsplashes.

Each sheet is 305×305 millimetres and is composed of 324 individual glass tiles. The tiles have an iridescent finish that adds colour and sparkle to each tile in every direction of light. Some of the glass tiles are textured to create more light reflections and deepen the glitter effect. 

The mesh backing makes them easy to cut to size around outlets or use as decorative borders. Glass is a durable material that is scratch, mildew, and mould resistant. With proper sealing and grout, these tiles add a royal look to shower floors.

We’re not through yet! Glitter and gold go hand in hand. A vein of gold runs through these goldmine mull mosaic tiles adding sparkle and depth to a room. 

If iridescent glitter and the subtle sparkle from quartz tiles are not matching the sparkle in your vision of the perfect room, then consider these contrasting dark and gold mosaic tiles. 

The small tiles and glittering gold makes rooms look larger, so installing these tiles is a good choice for glowing up an old bathroom. 

These goldmine mull mosaic tiles come on sheets 327×327 millimetres with 225 individual glass tiles per sheet.

Wrapping Up

Simply put: glitter floor tiles make your floors look sparkly clean and add a luxurious touch to kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. 

Mix and match different glitter tiles together like black sparkle quartz tiles with glistening red mix mosaic tiles for a dramatic look. For something more subtle, use white or grey sparkle quartz tiles checked with matte black tiles. 

There are countless ways to show off your unique personality with unique tiles to create a home that shines as brightly as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glitter Floor Tiles

Check out answers to top questions about glitter floor tiles below.

What is glitter grout?

Glitter grout is sparkly tile grout. Use a glitter tile grout additive to achieve this effect. Glitter grout is used on both glitter floor tiles and standard tiles to add a sparkly finish.

Where should I install glitter floor tiles?

Install glitter floor tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, or hallways. Glitter floor tiles look best placed in well-lit rooms so that the mirror shards and textured surfaces refract the sunlight and sparkle.

What is the best glitter floor tile colour?

Glitter floor tiles come in all shades of colours, so choose a colour that suits your style or go with a classic colour that will stand the test of time. Neutral colours like grey, white, black, and beige are easy to pair with most appliances and finishings making them a good tile choice when renovating to sell.

Do glitter tiles make rooms look bigger?

Glitter tiles give the effect of a room being bigger because they reflect light. Similar to how a mirror makes a room look bigger, sparkle quartz tiles use mirror pieces to create an illusion of more space in a room.

Are glitter floor tiles hard to clean?

Glitter floor tiles are easy to clean as long as they are sealed. Textured surfaces like some mosaic glitter tiles are slightly harder to clean but are made from glass which is mould and mildew resistant. Quartz glitter tiles have a polished finish and are easy to clean.

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