11 Victorian Kitchen Tiles That Are Classic Yet Modern

To find a unique and mesmerizing tile pattern for your kitchen, look no further than these beautiful options for Victorian kitchen tiles.

Victorian tiles are thought to have originated in ancient monasteries to create beautiful designs and patterns throughout these religious buildings. As these buildings were destroyed in the 16th century, Victorian tiles have remained a stylish choice for kitchens and bathrooms around the world. 

Victorian kitchen tiles bring a sense of sophistication, creativity, and timelessness to your home. 

If you are hesitant to commit to a style, Victorian tiles are an easy choice because they combine modern tastes with classic craftsmanship for an elegant outcome you will never tire of.

1. Olde Victorian Kitchen Tiles

These Olde Victorian Floor Tiles are perfect for a homey kitchen that you want to tile with something unique and eternal. 

The Olde tiles come in a range of colours reminiscent of the monasteries they originated from. Sandy yellows, clay oranges, and pale, powdery blues come together to complete a beautiful geometric pattern that has an antique feeling or even an ancient one. 

These tiles come in varying shapes and sizes so they can be fit together to create unique patterns your guests will be mesmerized by. 

You can use warm colours to create a comfortable, amiable environment where your family and friends can gather for celebrations. Or you can utilize the cool blues, soft yellows, and pure whites to foster a serene, relaxing kitchen space that will make every morning a beautiful one.

The tile shapes you choose can change your space significantly. 

Quick tip: a mixture of large and small tiles will draw focus to the floor or backsplash you are creating. If you utilize all small tiles, this can help a tiny space feel bigger and more open. 

The Gosford Tiles are a stunning black and white geometric design that is grand enough for a ballroom. The pattern is enticing and exciting and will make your kitchen feel like a fabulous celebrity home. The black and white triangles and squares fit together into an alluring pattern that looks like it belongs in an old Hollywood starlet home.

For a more rustic feeling, the Gosford tiles are also available in a burnt orange hue that brings the tile back to its monastery origins. The clay-coloured tiles look natural and timeless, making any kitchen, bathroom, or hallway a memorable space.

Gosford Tile designs often become the focus of whatever room they are in. So these aren’t the perfect Victorian kitchen tiles if the room is already fully decorated. The design is bold and noticeable and can easily clash with strong wallpaper or flashy furniture.

The tiles can be laid in a classic checkerboard layout, but the possibilities with these tiles are endless. A creative layman or keen designer can create truly exquisite and new patterns that will be unique to your kitchen, making it a one-of-a-kind floor. 

The Oranto Bella Tiles are made up of powder blues, soft creams, and pale yellows. The tiles are understated in colour but bold in their designs. With flowing lines, soft curves, and floral influences, the designs are enchanting and bring a sense of nature into your home.

Many of the tiles have patterns that resemble flowers, trees, vines, or leaves. This is common in Victorian tiles as many wanted to capture the beautiful essence of nature and translate it into interior design. These Victorian kitchen tiles make for a cool yet comforting atmosphere that brings the comforting feeling of nature into your kitchen. 

The patterns range from large, sweeping designs to small and intricate images. Depending on the style of your home and your tastes, you may want a busier tile pattern in rooms that don’t have much else going on aesthetically. 

If your kitchen is well-decorated with a striking backsplash or prominent art, you may want to opt for a subtler design that won’t overpower the room. The ethereal Ornato Bella Tiles are some of the most beautiful Victorian kitchen tiles available and can transform any bland space.

The Ornato Blochetto Tiles are classic Victorian kitchen tiles that can turn any space into a period-inspired room. These tiles hone in on the geometric beauty of Victorian kitchen tiles and matching borders. 

You see, the tiles combine rhombuses in the encaustic style to create a pattern that looks like lots of little cubes on the floor. It is truly reminiscent of ancient Roman times and will never go out of style. 

This geometric cube design is said to have been invented by Roman tile layers around 200 BC. So you never have to worry about this design going out of style or being too on-trend because they have been around for over 2,000 years. So when your friends come over, you can boast that your kitchen tiles are a design that has been around since The Great Pyramids. 

The cube design is often bordered with a simple pattern to highlight the intricacy of the cube layout, but this is optional. Sometimes borders can shrink rooms and make them feel small, so this decision depends on the size of the room being tiled and what your end goal is.

The stunning style of Vintage Quarry Tiles transforms any space into an endearing room with quaint yet bold colours and designs. They come in a fashionable blue colour that spruces up any room. These Victorian kitchen tiles are perfect for someone with an eclectic taste that wants a colourful floor tile that is reminiscent of antique styles. 

If you are having trouble deciding between geometric-focused Victorian tiles versus nature-inspired, these combine the best of both worlds. Some tiles are a geometric pattern similar to plaid or buff check, while on the other hand, some tiles depict blossoming flowers or floral vases. 

The contrast makes each tile more noticeable, and mixing and matching give you a lot of freedom in the design. In addition, the limited use of colours makes the white and blue pop when you walk into the room. 

Each of these tiles contains a grid of four unique designs to create a mashup of different period styles. The Victorian Quarry Tiles seem to combine all the elements of Victorian tiles into a vibrant and fun pattern that makes any room feel inviting and joyful.

Rosebery Statement Tiles leave the bright colours behind and instead highlight the beautiful patterns Victorian kitchen tiles come in. From sharp, geometric designs to floral motifs, these black and white tiles become the focal point of any room. 

These statement tiles combine minimalist modernity with the rich, stylish patterns of the past. They offer a modern feel along with a period style so you can have the best of both worlds. 

Whether you want an edgy, contemporary design or a regal, timeless floor pattern, these Victorian kitchen tiles are fabulously designed and striking in any space. The Rosebery tiles are best for rooms that do not already have any statement pieces or daring wall designs. 

These designs truly capture the brilliance of Victorian tiles, while bringing them into the 21st century for a modern and swanky vibe.

The black and white designs allow you to use any colour you want in the rest of the room. A common choice is to theme the entire room as black and white to create an edgy but stylish interior design that is very chic.

The Victorian Lucy Tiles are bursting with colour and excitement. These tiles are eye-catching with a myriad of colours woven into the floral-inspired designs. These Victorian kitchen tiles are ideal as a backsplash because they captivate your attention immediately and brighten up the room.

The Lucy tiles work especially well in rooms that have a lot of natural light to highlight the colours and make the room feel bright and happy. 

The designs vary from tile to tile, but all have a consistent aura of joyfulness and light that will radiate through your home. The floral pattern brings a feeling of beauty and nature into your space so you can feel connected to the outdoors while being inside. 

For a more understated aesthetic, these tiles can be sprinkled in with other tiles, preferably solid-coloured ones, to add some flair without overdoing it. While these tiles curate a captivating kitchen space, they also work marvellously in the bathroom or on patios for a Spanish revival kind of aesthetic. 

If your home needs some colour and light, these tiles can transform even dark spaces into joyous rooms that uplift everyone’s mood.

The Antique Delft Tiles radiate vintage vibes and quaint aesthetics. The mostly pure white tiles are detailed with small, lovely images that bring a comforting feeling to any space.

They feature tiny depictions of quaint houses and trees. These designs are endearing and will turn your kitchen into a charming space that feels like it was plucked out of a farmhouse. 

The adorable depictions are centred in each tile which is then accented by blue in each corner. Because of these accents, the tiles create an added effect when laid together, with each accented corner placed beside each other.

The simple and serene tile design can be amped up by a striking, bold border. Because of the art on the tiles, these aren’t the best for kitchen floor tiles but work excellently as a fetching backsplash. 

By adding more blue into the room, you can highlight the small images on the tiles. If you want to create a contrast, you can utilize different colours to decorate the room, like bright oranges, pastel yellows, or deep greens. 

The Antique Crackle Metro Tiles show the simpler side of Victorian kitchen tiles. These rectangle tiles with bevelled edges come in a variety of colours that will stand the test of time and foster beautiful spaces. And the bevelled edges result in a glossy surface that reflects any light that it catches. 

The range of contemporary colours gives you a lot of freedom in designing your space. Whether it’s a dusty pink kitchen backsplash or a rich shade of teal on your bathroom floor, these tiles are timeless and stunningly crafted. 

The tiles can be laid in the classic brick pattern, or they can be laid diagonally alongside each other for a more unique pattern. The tiles have the chicness of Paris in the 1920s combined with the modern, upscale style of a Vogue photoshoot set. These tiles work well in a minimalist aesthetic as well as an eclectic style home.

The Metro tiles can find a home in nearly any type of house from period-inspired houses to a home brimming with the latest trends. So whether you are curating a fabulous, flamboyant kitchen or an understated, crisp kitchen, these tiles can offer the perfect backdrop for your creative vision. 

Just like the Crackle Metro tiles, the Antique Flat Crackle Metro tiles can work in any type of home because they are simple and versatile yet chic. The major difference between the two tiles is that they lay flat against the wall, reducing the shine and reflection on the surface of the tile.

This is a wonderful design choice because it creates a matte finish compared to shiny bevelled tiles. When the tiles are raised off the wall, it can make a space feel slightly smaller, while the tiles lay perfectly flat against the wall, allowing more space. 

A creative way to highlight these tiles is to opt for different grout colours. For example, black grout between white tiles creates a bold contrast that highlights the tile design without introducing unnecessary colours. 

These tiles represent the period style of Victorian kitchen tiles but are probably the most modern tile on this list. Because of the flat surface, they are ideal for creating a minimalist look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Aragon Espresso Brown Quarry Tiles are a classic look that gives your space a deep, rich aesthetic that is cosy and welcoming. The espresso colour is perfect for a kitchen floor or backsplash because it reminds people of decadent foods like coffee or chocolate.

For people that want to create a rich, warm environment in their home that feels like a warm cup of coffee, these tiles are perfect. Simple yet stunning, the espresso brown tiles create stunning kitchen floor designs.

A dark Victorian kitchen tile such as this one offers a beautiful, natural aesthetic that combines the feeling of thick woodland with the warm hearth of a home. The tiles are large, which creates a simple aesthetic that is easy to take in but fosters an intimate and sheltered feeling in your home that encapsulates the safety and warmth one feels when one is at home.

Final Thoughts on Victorian Kitchen Tiles

Now you can see Victorian kitchen tiles bring a rich and unique aesthetic to your home that has been in style for thousands of years.

No matter what your taste or design aesthetics are, there is a Victorian kitchen tile out there that is perfect for the homey environment you’ve always wanted.


What are Victorian Floor Tiles Called?

Sometimes Victorian tiles go by a different name since their origins are an accumulation of different architecture from different places. Tiles that are called ​​Cuban tiles, Hydraulic tiles, Encaustic tiles, or Cement tiles, typically follow the same style as Victorian tile and fall under the same umbrella.

Are Victorian Tiles Expensive?

Victorian tiles are more expensive than standard tiles. They are often three times more expensive than average tiles and can be even priced higher than that. 

The reason for the cost is the quality of the tiles and the design, the complexity of the design being laid, and the labour involved. All of these add to the price, and the more intricate your arrangement is, the more it will cost.

Are Victorian Tiles Ceramic or Porcelain?

Here’s the deal: true Victorian tiles are ceramic with a design made in clay throughout the tile. The clay is fired in a kiln creating the ceramic tile known for its geometric patterns.

How Do You Clean Victorian Tiles?

The best method for cleaning Victorian kitchen tiles is broken down into three steps. 

First, sweep up all dirt and dust with a broom. Second, you should mop the tiles with a gentle solution of water mixed with mild floor cleaner. You can also use hot water if you aren’t sure what cleaning product is best. If you mop with any cleaning solution, mop again using only water to finish cleaning the tiles.

Can You Steam Clean Victorian Tiles?

You can use a steam cleaner for Victorian tiles, but it is best not to. Pushing steam into cracks or spaces between the tiles and the grout can result in swelling or cracks, and you may have to replace tiles.

The best cleaning method is with a standard broom and mop and gentle cleaning products.

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