Victorian Bathroom Tiles: 11 Classic Yet Modern Ways to Apply Chic

Victorian bathroom tile’s popularity only continues to grow as people appreciate the intricate designs and durable construction. Victorian bathroom tiles are a classic design tile that can be modern and chic when laid in a home. 

The high-quality Victorian tiles ensure they last a long time and retain their stunning appearance. As styles change and decades pass, these chic tiles remain in style and work their way into many houses, elevating any room they lay in. 

This list of eleven timeless tiles offers inspiration for those looking to revamp their home with this classic style. Victorian bathroom tiles come in a wide range of fabulous colours, from chic cream to bold oranges to serene blues. 

There are so many different ways to utilise the refined look of Victorian tiles in a home or business, and this list exemplifies their versatility.

11 Timeless Victorian Bathroom Tiles

The Victorian Green Metro Tiles are a luscious shade of green that transforms any space into a mysterious jungle or refreshing forest. The rectangle tiles that offer a rich, desirable shade of green create a simple geometric pattern that resembles a brick wall. 

The edges of these tiles are slightly lighter in hue than the centre, making them stand out against one another and create a striking effect. The final glaze on the tile gives them a glamorous shine on the surface that radiates Victorian style. 

The green tiles work in various spaces, from outdoor areas to common spaces. Whether these result in a striking hallway floor or a spectacular bathroom wall, they have a strong visual impact that creates memorable and enchanting spaces. 

Because of the powerful nature vibe, these tiles are captivating when laid in a room that consists of living plants that add to the green aesthetic. When used in patios, they foster a fresh and organic atmosphere under your feet. 

The impact of the glossy green tiles can stand on its own, so the rest of the space requires minimal furniture and design to not overpower the tiles’ effect.

The Mini Victorian Green Gloss Tiles are a mesmerising colour in a tiny, brick-shaped tile. The mini tiles are ideal for backsplashes or accent walls to contrast with muted colours or larger tiles. 

The rich shade of green brings the greenery of the outdoors into the home for a refreshing and tranquil environment. The green works well in a room with wood finishes or living plants to enhance the feeling of nature. 

These tiles can foster a comforting vibe mixed with a captivating design that guests will be in awe of. The tile can work as a striking kitchen backsplash or ethereal bathroom wall.

The little green tiles are an adorable addition to a home, and green is a colour that can fit into most colour schemes and highlight other hues to bring attention to them. Green allows for a creative room design, so the room doesn’t need to be one stagnant design forever.

For many homes, the small green tiles will add refinement and flair reminiscent of the Victorian era. Green was once the most sought-after colour in the Victorian world because the materials needed were rare and expensive. Green still radiates the upscale sophistication that will make guests jealous. 

The Ornato Bella Decor Tiles are a sophisticated, complex pattern that adds an aura of seriousness to a space, balanced by the playful pattern. The tiles combine faded greys and beiges that come together in a vintage-looking style. 

The neutral tones used in the design allow freedom in decorating the rest of the space—the tile pairs with vibrant, happy colours and subtle, muted tones for a sophisticated style. The neutral colours allow flexibility in what colour furniture you want to use to fill the space. 

Like many Victorian tiles, the Bella tiles utilise floral images and soft, natural-looking details reminiscent of a garden or meadow. The tiles can be used over an entire floor or wall or concentrated to a particular area for a unique, focused style. 

The lovely pattern works best in spaces that don’t consist of many other patterns that could clash with the tile’s design.

For example, the tiles could be placed under a bathtub, while the rest of the bathroom floor is a different, more basic tile. The same can be done if you use this pattern to tile one accent wall while the others are neutral. 

The Blackheath Matte Tiles are striking in their depth and bring a mysterious feeling to any space. The matte finish makes the tiles sophisticated and modern, while the classic brick shape captures the Victorian era. 

The dark hue offers an environment that feels safe, enclosed, and comforting rather than overly bright. They are perfect for creating a tranquil bathroom that is a sanctuary of peace after a long day. They are a modern yet timeless tile for a kitchen that makes all guests jealous of the sophisticated, sleek design. 

As opposed to the gloss finishes, the matte finish diverges from the norm to create a new look that still fits into the Victorian style while exploring different textures. For someone that wants a muted, heavy design aesthetic, like Edwardian meets industrial, these tiles are a fabulous choice. 

Like all brick-shaped tiles, these tiles have a lot of wiggle room in how they are laid and the designs they can take on. The standard brick pattern adds a dark flair to a traditional look. But, laying them diagonally beside each other creates a more complex, contemporary look that works well as a kitchen backsplash or bathroom accent wall.

The Covent Garden Pink Gloss Tiles are a lovely shade of light pink that brings beauty and warmth to the space. The mini rectangles allow for different patterns and laying combinations to find a distinct pattern that showcases the tiles.

They work beautifully as bathroom flooring for a soft, ethereal aesthetic. They also make for a great kitchen backsplash that creates a classic, pastel kitchen space reminiscent of the Victorian era. The creamy pink colour works perfectly for these rooms because it reminds people of bubble baths or roses. 

These quaint tiles slightly shift in colour depending on the lighting. Sometimes they give off a peachy shade, while other times, they appear as a baby doll pink. These Victorian bathroom tiles benefit from being in a sunny space where they can reflect the light and show off how fetching they are.

The Victorian Mango Metro Tiles have a unique, juicy shade of orange that is captivating and delightful. The vibrant shade brings any space to life and creates a warm, happy environment full of positive energy.

The Mango tiles work wonderfully as a striking wall or a colourful floor. The impact of the orange allows the design of the room to rest heavily on the tiles. It is an excellent choice for a space that does not have much else going on and is decorated minimally. 

The vivid yellowish-orange brings a tropical feeling into the room that is enhanced with plants and natural wood finishes. The colour combines contemporary colour palettes with the vintage style of the Victorian bathroom tiles. 

Bright tiles such as these can uplift a dingy space but work their magic the most when they have access to a lot of natural light. The colour reflects and bounces light to magnify it and make the whole room a bright and sunny space. The Mango Metro tiles can turn any room into a happy place and create a space fun to be in. 

The Metro Victorian Blue Gloss Mini Tiles are a rich shade of blue that brings a deep-sea aura to the space. 

Using blue tiles brings in the peacefulness of water into the home, making it the perfect tile for a bathroom or kitchen to help them radiate the sereness of a flowing river. Specifically, this deep, rich shade of blue has the mysterious aura of the deep ocean.

The benefit of mini Victorian bathroom tiles is that they create a more intricate pattern that can work to make spaces feel more extensive and more refined than large tiles or a simple paint job could. The smaller tiles help create a uniform pattern in a small area that makes it seem bigger to the eye.

Utilising the colour and the size of these tiles, a space can be transformed into a serene tribute to the vastness of the sea.

The Capsule Victorian Green Bevelled Tiles have a succulent colour that brings the greenery of nature into the home. These stunning tiles burst with green and create a glossy, striking appearance, whether on the floor or the wall. 

The perfect squares create lovely symmetry that puts everyone at ease. The tiles can be laid perfectly parallel with the floor and wall or turned to appear as a rhombus or diamond shape. 

These Victorian bathroom tiles effortlessly bring any space to life with a nurturing aura and welcoming energy. A rich green such as this one creates an interesting contrast with many colours, so there is flexibility in decorating the rest of the room.

The Whitechapel Gloss Tiles are sophisticated and alluring. The white, brick-shaped tiles bring a feeling of culture and refinement. The bricks are versatile in how they can be laid, allowing many possibilities.

The gloss finish makes the pure, white tiles shine with radiance, and they make any room feel light and clean. These tiles are perfect for a patio that needs a makeover or a room that needs to be pulled out of the dark. 

The Whitechapel tiles work wonderfully in spaces with lots of sunlight because it makes the tiles glow with a classy style. The tiles pair beautifully with striking, vibrant colours for a stark contrast. 

If there is a statement floor or wall that demands the attention of your guests, the simple but beautiful Whitechapel tiles offer a lovely backdrop for your focus areas.

The Ledbury Powder Blue Pattern Tiles are a mesmerising pattern in a soft, comforting shade of blue matched with a delicate shade of white. The pattern is elegant but intricate, making it an excellent material to design a space around.

A kitchen with too much white or a boring bathroom can significantly benefit from a lovely pattern like this one. It focuses the eye and creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests. The pattern resembles a floral design, with soft curves and points that look like leaves or vines. 

The pattern on these tiles is popular among Victorian tiling and is very emblematic of the Victorian era. Patterns that utilise pastel colours while incorporating natural elements were popular in the past and have come to be loved by modern designers and homeowners. 

The patterns make spaces homier and welcoming as it feels like a natural environment that is made modern by the powder blue colour. The soothing tile is great for a children’s bathroom or a serene master bathroom that is a peaceful place for people to escape to. 

The Aurora Sage Tiles offer a rustic, vintage aesthetic that acknowledges the beauty of antique Victorian tiles. Antique tiles are lovely but are typically far more expensive than newly made tiles. 

The Aurora Sage tiles are a beautiful crossover between classic Victorian style with the vintage, slightly-worn look that gives a space loads of character. The design in the clay has rough edges rather than straight, perfect lines. They also range in hues, so not every tile is the same in colour and design. 

The antique tile is highly sought after in the design world right now for the lived-in feeling they bring to a home. Some feel fresh new tiles can feel cold and lifeless compared with worn tiles that breathe life into a modern room. The intricate design and subdued sage colour work together to capture an ethereal, ancient vibe that makes for an interesting final result.

Final Thoughts on Victorian Bathroom Tiles

Victorian tiles are a beautiful addition to any home that can combine a sophisticated, classic look with contemporary colours and design aesthetics. The geometric shapes are still stylish in modern and Victorian homes and are being utilised in new ways.

Whether it is a bright and joyous new patio floor, a captivating kitchen backsplash, or a tranquil and beautiful bathroom wall, Victorian tiles can lift the style of any home and bring an upscale yet comforting environment to the space.

Victorian tiles are a classic design tool used in chic, contemporary aesthetics to create timeless and enchanting designs that remain in style as decades pass.


What Is a Victorian Tile?

Victorian-style tiles are laid in striking geometric patterns with beautiful designs. They feature many shapes including squares, rectangles, diamonds, and octagons, that they incorporate into unique patterns. Victorian tiles usually come in geometric patterns that are subtle and warm.

Are Victorian Tiles Expensive?

Victorian tiles are priced relatively high as far as bathroom tiles go. Because they are encaustic, they are more expensive than tiles that only have the design on the final finished layer. But newly made Victorian tiles are much less costly than genuine antique tiles. 

The price can vary based on tile size and the rarity of the colour, with smaller tiles that are brightly coloured being the most expensive.

Are Victorian Tiles Encaustic?

Victorian bathroom tiles are encaustic tiles, which means their design doesn’t come from a glaze on top. Instead, the tile’s design comes from layers of coloured clay.

Are Victorian Tiles Grouted?

Yes, Victorian tiles are grouted, usually with white, but it can depend on the design. The grout between the tiles is standard in the Victorian-style of bathroom tiles.

Are Victorian Tiles Ceramic or Porcelain?

Authentic Victorian tiles are made of ceramic clay, with the design glazed into the entire tile. Ceramic tiles are often easier to clean and have a more striking appearance. Some companies will make porcelain tiles, but these aren’t traditional.

What Are Victorian Tiles Laid On?

Typically, Victorian tiles can be laid on whatever ground is available, as they are sturdy and durable. Victorian tiles are still laid in this traditional manner because of how well they stand the test of time.

​​How Much Does It Cost to Lay a Victorian Path?

A standard walkway paved with Victorian tiles usually costs around £200. This is the average for a 1m by 2m pathway, the most common size for Victorian garden pathways.

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