11 Patterned Kitchen Tiles to Complement Your Kitchen Ambiance

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is not only a place to cook or eat, but a space to gather, connect, and socialise. Patterned kitchen tiles can make this experience warm and unique.

Due to their importance in the home and everyday life, when it comes to design, kitchens are no longer afterthoughts. They are thoughtfully curated with both style and function in mind, from the hardware on the cabinets to the style of sink. 

Tile backsplash, specifically patterned tiles, are a fun and stylish way to introduce personality, colour, and pizazz into your kitchen. In addition to being downright beautiful to look at, patterned kitchen tiles for your home to make a statement, reflect your style, or even anchor the design of open concept rooms. 

If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, patterned kitchen tiles are an excellent place to start. Adding in a bright colour backsplash of funky patterned floor can elevate and modernise your kitchen space in a way that is much more affordable than a complete kitchen renovation. 

We’ve gathered 11 examples of the best-patterned kitchen tiles to hopefully give you a little inspiration for your next project. 

1. Lucy Floweret Decor Tile

We are huge fans of a backsplash that uses different patterns in similar styles and colours on each tile. The Lucy Floweret tiles feature 5 different designs, all of which are randomly put together to create a captivating pattern. 

The delicate floral pattern and warm blues, yellows, and reds of the Lucy Floweret are charming and folksy. This would be a great addition to a kitchen with a more neutral colour palette and dark woods to let the colours pop.

If you’re a fan of colour, you could alternatively work navy blues or mustard yellows throughout the kitchen to use the tiles as an accent. 

Each tile is 150x150x7mm and is suitable for walls only. They are made of ceramic, which is an excellent material for the kitchen. Ceramic tiles are durable, resistant to water and dirt, and are therefore easy to maintain. The Lucy Floweret tiles have a glossy finish as well, which helps keep the kitchen neat. 

Overall, these tiles would make a gorgeous addition to any modern kitchen in need of a little texture or a pop of colour. 

The aged, antique appearance of these ceramic floor tiles reminds us of warm French country kitchens from days past. They are off-white with delicate blue floral patterns in each corner. The flowers have a hand-painted look to them as if someone had taken a set of watercolours and crafted each tile individually. 

We love the idea of placing these floor tiles in a kitchen full of light-colored cabinets and countertops. Their vintage look would ground a more modern design, or add a touch of eclectic personality to a more relaxed aesthetic. A fun floor tile is a great way to create visual interest in your kitchen that many don’t think to try.

Each tile is 330x330x9.5mm but has a grid scored into the surface to give the appearance of four separate tiles. 

The tiles have a matt finish which helps cement their vintage feel. Matt tiles don’t reflect light the same way glossy tiles do, and they aren’t quite as easy to clean. But as a kitchen floor tile, this could be a good thing as they don’t let dirt and stains show up as easily. 

Whether you are looking to play up the vintage feel of a Victorian home or you’re hoping to enhance a rustic farmhouse kitchen, these blue and white patterned tiles would be an excellent choice. 

How fun are these tiles? We adore the dynamic geometric pattern and the almost 3-dimensional effect they lend. These tiles work well as a backsplash or on a kitchen floor. 

The tiles are hexagon-shaped with interior shapes in black, white, and shades of grey. Their dimensions are 330x285x9mm, so they are on the larger side. You could fit about 10 tiles per square metre. 

They are made of porcelain, which is a versatile material, particularly in the kitchen. Porcelain tiles are tougher than ceramic tiles, which makes them an ideal choice for floors in high-traffic areas, and they are water-resistant. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain. 

These patterned kitchen tiles have a large modern feel. They would add a touch of glamour and attitude to a kitchen done up in whites and blacks or add a nice contrast to a room with pops of bright colour on the walls or appliances. 

We can’t stop staring at these gorgeous Barolo Summer Blue tiles. Perfect for walls or floors, this lovely, old-world style tile reminds us of villas in the country and gives off quaint, cosy vibes. 

These tiles are inspired by traditional stencil painted tiles, which have been a common practice for thousands of years and were used to simulate carpet patterns and parquet floors. They feature a visually pleasing pattern made with cornflower blue and mustard yellow on an off-white, almost yellowed background. They look like carefully preserved antiques. 

This pattern would work well in a kitchen with sleek, modern cabinets and open shelving to let the pattern and colours stand out. They add warmth and even a touch of romance to any size kitchen. 

The tiles measure 330x330x9mm and are scored to appear as though there are nine small tiles per single tile. This is a great way to get the most out of the pattern and your money. 

The Barolo Summer Blue Tiles are made from ceramic, which does not retain heat well. If you’re using this type of tile on your floors, you may want to consider underfloor heating to avoid cold feet, especially when winter rolls around. They have a matt finish as well. 

Fans of more traditional tile patterns who still want something fresh and stylish will adore the Mr. Jones Ash Tiles as much as we do. 

The geometric pattern of these patterned kitchen tiles is in a warm beige and ivory colour that would look gorgeous in a kitchen with dark blue or dark green walls. It is a relatively simple flower-like pattern in a rectangular braided grid, however, when laid out, the pattern is engaging and adds plenty of warmth to the space. 

Mr. Jones Ash Tiles are made of ceramic with a matt finish and are suitable for both your kitchen wall and your kitchen floor. They are 450x450x9mm and have an anti-slip glaze which is an excellent perk for high-traffic areas. 

Anyone hoping to add a touch of vintage flair to their kitchen should give these beauties a second look. Their colour, texture, and pattern will elevate a drab space and breathe new life into it. 

Another popular period pattern we’re drooling over is the Aurora White Tiles. They have a creamy, off-white, and grey colour and are expertly crafted to give off that vintage feel that works well in any aesthetic. We also love how the alternating flower pattern in the middle of the tile is beige, which gives the tile more visual interest and depth. 

These tiles are made of ceramic with a matt finish and can be used on a wall or the floor with underfloor heating. Personally, we love it for a backsplash over the stove or sink alongside some bright white subway tile for extra contrast. An off-white or medium grey grout is recommended to help bring out the grey colours in the flower pattern.

At 450x450x10mm, they are slightly thicker and larger than similar tiles on the market. For reference, you could fit roughly 5 tiles per square metre. 

Altogether, the Aurora White Tiles are classy, sophisticated, and fun. We envision this patterned tile in a home that loves working with neutrals but isn’t afraid of playing with contrasting patterns. Clean white appliances and dark cabinets or countertops would help this tile pop and make it a focal point of your kitchen.

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a velvet night sky scattered with stars, and with the Scintilla Sky Pattern Tiles, you can have a piece of that in your kitchen. 

These tiles are bold and vibrant. They make an excellent statement wall or backsplash, although their unique star-shaped pattern and beautiful blue colouring is something that would be a shame to hide behind cabinets or appliances. 

We also like how the geometric star pattern has a vintage; art deco feel to it that will make you and your kitchen the talk of the neighbourhood. 

Each tile is 450x450x11mm and weighs 4.66 KG. Their larger size is scored to make it look as though there are four smaller tiles in one, which is a great perk once it’s time to lay them.

At 11mm thick, they are slightly bigger than other tiles we have touched on thus far. However, despite their larger thickness, they are a little more delicate. This means that, should you wish to place them on your kitchen floors, you should put them in a place that has low to medium foot traffic to avoid premature wear and tear. 

Finally, these stunning tiles are made from ceramic and have a matt finish. The tiles are sturdy and have a high-quality, almost expensive feel to them, even though they are incredibly affordable. 

If you are hoping to install patterned tiles in your kitchen that can work doubly as a work of art and a topic of conversation at your next dinner party, look no further than the Scintilla Sky Pattern tiles. 

For a colour palette with a little more warmth, an alternative to the Scintilla Sky Pattern tiles is the Scintilla Paprika Orange Star Pattern Tiles. They have the same 8-pointed star pattern as the blue tiles; however, the stars themselves are a deep, rusty orange colour that sits on an aged off-white background for a vintage look.

The overall effect of these patterned kitchen tiles is stunning and would make an excellent statement wall or floor. The pattern is bold, eye-catching, and unique, but the monochromatic orange gives them a cosy warmth every kitchen that acts as a gathering place for family and friends should strive for. 

The Scintilla Paprika Orange tiles have all of the benefits of matt ceramic tiles, with the bonus being they are scratch and stain resistant than a material like wood. Like their blue counterparts, they are a bit more fragile than other patterns we’ve mentioned, so keep that in mind as you make your tile decision. 

If you love colour and mix and matching funky patterns, the Mingle Brick Jazz Mix tiles might be exactly what you’ve been looking for for your kitchen remodel. 

These are some of the funkiest and most unique kitchen tiles we’ve ever seen. Reds, pinks. blues, yellows, blacks, and greys come together in a dazzling mix of geometric patterns that, when laid out side by side, give the effect of a homemade quilt being spread out across your kitchen walls.

The busy brightness of these tiles requires some simplicity in other areas of your kitchen. For example, white cabinets and open shelving would be a nice complement to the mix of colours, and a neutral countertop, like butcher block or a medium-coloured granite, would be ideal. 

The Mingle Brick Jazz Mix tiles are made from ceramic and have an easy-to-manage gloss finish. They are strong and durable, but only 5mm thick. They also weigh only .25kg each. In addition, they have a slightly beveled edge that looks lovely once they have been laid out. 

Multicoloured, mismatched pattern tiles are a new trend that would look great in your kitchen and give it an eclectic, cosy vibe.

The Park Lane tiles have a lovely but understated 60s mod design in a neutral colour palette. The shades of grey in the overlapping, concentric circles are both mesmerising and completely calming at the same time. 

We love the statement these tiles make and the subtle way that they combine different shades of grey to create a pattern with movement and tonnes of visual interest. 

A patterned tile like this would look wonderful as a backdrop in a kitchen with a mid-century modern aesthetic. Solid pops of bright colour such as yellow or hot pink would also contrast nicely with the connecting circle pattern. 

Each tile is made from porcelain and has a matt finish. They are on the smaller side at 200x200x6mm, and you can easily fit 25 tiles per square metre.

For an ornate, bespoke statement on your kitchen walls or floors, the Lily Grey tiles are an option to consider. 

These tiles feature a bright white triangular shape with three points reminiscent of the tail of a shooting star in the corner of the tile. The background is a flat, light grey colour that is very clean and modern looking. 

This particular pattern would look beautiful alongside warm, light-coloured woods like oak and bronze hardware. It would also complement colours like sage green, mustard, or clean, bright white. For a more monochromatic look that would tone down the tile, you could also try it with a darker shade of grey in your cabinets or walls. 

Thanks to the flexibility of the pattern in this tile, you can rotate the tile as you lay them out to create a randomised or unique pattern that is both captivating and unlike anyone else’s.  

The tiles themselves are 200x200x8mm and weigh .75kg. They are made of porcelain, so they would work well on either a wall or a floor. 

The Wrap Up

It can be a challenge to select the perfect patterned tile for your kitchen. For one, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful and unique patterns to choose from. There is so much variety out there that it is best to have at least a basic idea of what you want and what would work with the style of your home before you run out to a showroom or start shopping. 

Take advantage of sample tiles and bring them home to set in your space before you make any snap judgements. Consider the area you want to tile and what kind of traffic or moisture it might encounter on a daily basis, and think about how to get the best aesthetic at the best price. 

Kitchen renovations, in particular, can get expensive quickly. It is important that you compare the tile you want to purchase with your appliances and cabinetry to ensure they all work together to create a seamless design. They should also be durable to avoid having to replace them in the short term. 

We hope that these tile tips and our 11 patterned tile picks can help you determine the best fit for your kitchen. 

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