Patterned Floor Tiles: 5 Gorgeous Designs that are timeless

If you feel that your space could use some revamping, patterned floor tiles are a great option that changes the feel of the whole room! Wood floors get dingy and warp over time, especially in heavy-traffic areas. Tile styles range from soft vintage to edgy and modern; we have timeless floor tiles that will always be popular. 

Patterned floor tiles come in many styles, shapes, and sizes, giving you plenty of options to transform your space. Whether you are looking for something simple or a bold title that will catch people’s eye, tiles have many benefits if you choose them for your flooring.

Why Tile?

Tile floors are low maintenance because of how durable they are. This cuts down the potential of having to replace them or have them fixed. They are also perfect for entryways that are walked on a lot. Installing tile floors in your home raises the value of the property because they are long-lasting and sturdy. 

Some antique tiles or rare materials can be expensive, but generally, tiles are a cost-effective choice. Carpets and wood suffer from wear and tear over time, but tiles last longer, so you don’t have to think about your floors for years while saving money!

An added benefit to the sleek and stylish look of tiles is that most of them are super eco-friendly. Most tiles are glass, sand, or clay mixed with recycled materials. Not only is this good for the planet, but also your electricity bill. These materials act as natural insulators keeping your heat or air conditioning in during the uncomfortable months.

5 Timeless Tile Designs

Too many options to choose from? We have curated a list of the five tile styles that will remodel your space and make you fall in love with tiles. These five tile aesthetics have been around forever and have aged beautifully in the design industry and continue to be popular. Check out these tile patterns for inspiration on how to make your floor the highlight of your house.

This monochromatic floor pattern is a classic and elegant look that stands the test of time. This tile pattern is fantastic for an entryway or kitchen because it is easy to clean and makes a bold impression the moment you walk in.

The Mr. Jones tiles are made from ceramic and bring a subtle vintage aesthetic to any space making it feel cosy and charming. Using pattern floor tiles on a greyscale leaves you a lot of wiggle room when it comes to colour in the rest of the room. Choosing a floor pattern with bold colours does sometimes limit what furniture and other decorations will work in the space. 

The elegance of the overlapping lines is soothing enough to turn your bathroom into a spa but striking enough to pave your entryway and be the first thing guests notice. The Mr. Jones Tile is a modern take on vintage tiles that gives your floor a crisp and pleasing aesthetic. It’s important not to force a design on your home, so a simple pattern like this one brings personality without overpowering the room. 

The vintage-style geometric pattern of the Mr. Jones Charcoal Tile is a brilliant choice if you are aiming for a period aesthetic like the 20s and 30s. The pattern is subtly floral, bringing a light-hearted feel to the colourless tile. This gives the tile the flexibility to work as a patterned floor tile for bathrooms or kitchens. 

These tiles are simple to clean and maintain and even easier to install. They have a subtle matte finish and a non-slip glaze to create a safe environment even when spills happen. Ceramic tile naturally repels dust and dirt, making it a breeze to keep clean even in heavy-traffic areas of your home.

Using vintage tiles to make a floor pattern results in a one-of-a-kind look that makes your home feel vibrant and ageless. These tiles were considered art when they first started being used. They use bold patterns that make any space look brilliant. The intricate design is mesmerising, still functional, and simple to clean and maintain. 

It’s okay to cheat on your vintage tiles a little bit! Today, authentic vintage tiles can be hard to come by, and when you do find them, they are astronomically expensive. In addition, it can be tough to find the correct quantity of tiles you need, and it makes your life much simpler to buy newly manufactured tiles with a vintage aesthetic. 

The periwinkle and soft cream colour of this tile leave you with wiggle room to decorate the rest of the room with lots of bright colours if you want. This pattern is especially useful as a bathroom floor because the pattern is calming without being boring. This will give your bathroom a flair of colour and design while keeping it simple and homey. 

The colour and movement these vintage tiles bring into your space add an ageless style that will last for decades and keep your house fresh and relevant. Opting for a vintage style brings a rich and historic aesthetic to your kitchen or bathroom floor without breaking the bank. We all want that worn-in, well-loved look tiles acquired when they’ve been in a home for generations.

These tiles are super versatile and colourful. The design on them looks hand-painted and brings a lavish style to your home. These tiles look like they belong in a Roman fountain and will breathe life into any room that is struggling to stand out. No home is complete with art, and these tiles provide you with a durable floor as well as beautiful art right under your feet.  

Using these tiles for flooring is a splendid idea because they are tough and last a long time, as proved by ancient architecture. These patterned tiles create aesthetics that resemble Spanish architecture. These beautiful tiles are a simple way to captivate your guests with their colour and sophistication.

The best part about these tiles is that each tile isn’t the same, giving your space a rustic, vintage feel rather than the stiffness that sometimes comes with a brand new tiled floor. The faded parts of the tile add a great deal of character to your floor and foster a homey atmosphere that is hard to find with plain, modern tiles. 

If you consider yourself a lover of art, why not turn your floor into a masterpiece? The Vecchio Floreale Indigo Vintage Pattern Tiles design will invigorate your home and tie together any room, becoming an excellent focal point. This vibrant blue is a timeless colour that goes with almost anything. These tiles add a touch of whimsy to your home with the feathery pattern but will also make your life easier when it comes to cleaning floors.

A modern and sleek aesthetic that will never go out of style, these geometric Scintilla Olive tiles look like North stars adding an ethereal aesthetic to your floor. This pattern is edgy and striking while still being soft and inviting, especially in the entryway or bathroom of a home. Geometric patterned tiles like these give a space a refined, clean aesthetic that is very modern but has also been popular for centuries. 

These types of patterns have stayed popular over so much time because of their versatility and clean-cut look. Combining boho aesthetics with the sharpness of geometry results in vibrant designs that can soften spaces while adding an edgy flair. The Scintilla Olive Tiles transform your space into a cosy home that has all the charm of an antique house.

The shade of green chosen for this tile is special because it works in all seasons. In the spring and summer, when things are in bloom, it brings the greenness of nature indoors to be appreciated. And in the cold months when everything withers and dies, the olive tiles prevent your home from becoming a barren, grey landscape. 

Geometric patterns are popular in interior design because they can work almost anywhere. They add visual depth to your space and make it feel larger and more open. Other patterns can constrict and clutter spaces inadvertently. Bringing in a geometric pattern like this Scintilla pattern balances a room that may be struggling to come together cohesively.

Scintilla Sapphire Tiles

Bright and colourful, the bold aesthetic of Scintilla Sapphire Tiles transforms a house into a beautiful, hypnotic space that sparks joy from the moment you walk in. Using a bold, vibrant floor tile in your bathroom or kitchen is sure to reinvent the room and bring new life to your house. A blue pattern such as this one makes your home feel brighter and spacious because the geometric pattern opens up your floor. 

Scintilla tiles are bursting with colour and use an intricate pattern resembling mandalas, suns, or stars. These tiles bring an antique aesthetic and vibrance only Scintilla can offer right into your kitchen or bathroom floor. The lovely blue in this tile is great if you use a lot of warm colours and are looking to do something different without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. 

You can create a one-of-a-kind focal point in any room, like a daring kitchen backsplash or mesmerising bathroom floor. The best thing about these Sapphire tiles is they grab people’s attention wherever you put them. They are striking and meant to be the centre of any space. 

Scintilla tiles are simple to take care of as they require very little maintenance. They are scratch and stain resistant, meaning they will last you for years to come, even in heavy-traffic areas of your home. This gorgeous tile will help you create a statement floor that you will be in love with forever.

Things to Consider

When you’re shopping for tiles, there are a few characteristics to choose from.


Perhaps obvious, but it must be said anyway. What your tiles look like will determine the feel of the space, so you should choose a tile pattern you will appreciate for years to come. 

Sometimes our favourite patterns and colours aren’t ideal for interior decorating. Consider the furniture and other aspects of the room you want to tile and match the colour scheme and aesthetic to avoid clashing the floor with the rest of the room.

Size and Shape of Tiles

The size and shape of the tile you choose can make a room feel smaller or bigger, which you can take advantage of for your benefit. Using smaller tiles in a limited space makes it feel more open, while large tiles in a small space make it seem cramped. 

The shape of the tile affects the room more than one may imagine. If you choose tiles in sharp shapes rather than smooth and rounded edges, the space will feel more intelligent and serious. Smooth edges and tiles that flow into one another make a room cosy and soft feeling. 

Consider stepping outside of the norm and looking at tiles in shapes you wouldn’t expect. Ovals, triangles, parallelograms, and other odd shapes make for striking patterns that leave an impression on guests.


Tiles are made from a variety of materials, including sandstone, ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, slate, onyx, quartz, terrazzo, travertine, and even wood, to name a few! These materials differ in maintenance and natural wear and tear, so some fare better in certain situations. 

Materials like wood and porcelain are more porous and therefore absorb water more easily. Over time this damages your tiles and sometimes causes them to crack or lose their colour. Marble and granite are excellent options for patterned floor tiles kitchen counters because they are difficult to scratch and handle water excellently. For patterned floor tiles UK, you will want a durable, dense tile that will last a long time even when wet or walked on often.

Durability and Maintenance

Not all tiles are equal, so consider how much your tiles will go through and how durable you need them to be. Porcelain is the toughest tile because it is hard, dense, and barely porous. It can withstand long-term water exposure better than any other tile making it a long-lasting choice. Older sandstone tiles or mosaics may not be as resilient, but that’s okay if they aren’t in a high traffic area. 

Tiles are much easier to take care of than other types of flooring, but they still require some maintenance. Sweeping and mopping are still needed to keep the floors looking clean and new. 

The part of your tile that shows dirt first is the grout between the tile stones. This collects dust and mud and gets dirtier when you sweep or mop because you push the dirt into the crevices. This can be lessened by properly sealing your grout or cleaning it every 6-12 months. 

Another maintenance issue to consider is scratching on your tiles. Scratches are a pain to remedy, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. Be careful not to drag furniture and use padded furniture feet to protect your beautiful tiles.

Finish and Slip Factor

Another thing to keep in mind is safety. Some materials are more slippery than others, so be careful what you choose to put outside your bathtub or at the entrance to your home. These places can get wet and cause a slipping hazard with certain materials. For example, marble and ceramic tile can be slippery even when it’s dry.

The finish on your tile also affects how slip-resistant it will be. A gloss finish is more likely to be slippery than a matte finish. Consider who will be walking in this area and how often. If you have small children or older adults in your home a lot, it is a good idea to go with something more slip-resistant to avoid mishaps.

Location in House

Tiles can go anywhere in your house, but they are most common in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and sunrooms because they are durable, water-resistant, and can withstand sun exposure. 

Interior design experts recommend avoiding more than three different tiles in a bathroom. The smaller the tiles are, the larger they will make the space feel. In kitchens, there are a lot fewer rules for using tile; you can mix and match shapes and sizes and utilise a handful of bold colours together. 

When it comes to entryways and sunrooms, it’s best to keep things simple and neutral, but this isn’t a requirement. For example, a bright white tile for your mudroom may wind up being a headache for you. Remember, just because you love the tile or love the design doesn’t mean it will work in every room. Consider how each room is used before deciding on a tile design.

Final Thoughts

No matter which style appeals to you, stop settling for dull floors and give your home an upgrade. Switching to patterned floor tiles bathroom or kitchen brings a unique look to your home that many others don’t have while also benefiting you in other ways. 

You can save money on heating and air conditioning and sell your house at a higher value one day. Using tiles is eco-friendly, so you can feel good about the impact you are making or not making on the planet! Your life will be easier as tiled floors are incredibly easy to clean and maintain compared to carpet or wood. 

Patterned floor tiles appeal to many for a myriad of reasons. These timeless styles will always be sought after for their classic appearance. Choosing a tile you love will make your space a joy to be in for you and your guests.

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