Bathroom Floor Tiles: Perfect Accessory to Bring Your Space to Life

Looking to spruce up your bathroom? Then, tiles are just the perfect solution. They’re moisture resistant, low-maintenance, durable, and affordable, not forgetting gorgeous. But they also come in a nearly endless array of sizes, textures, and patterns, which can make choosing the right option quite overwhelming. That’s why we compiled the best bathroom floor tiles and practical advice on selecting the ideal fit.

The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

Never bought tile before? Here’s a list of the best bathroom floor tiles in the market: 

Want a neutral take on your bathroom design? Then, the Burghal grey stone effect tiles are just the perfect fit for you. They feature a stunning light grey colour guaranteed to blend in with pretty much any bathroom colour, and you can use them on both bathroom wall tiles and floors to create a minimalistic aesthetic.  

Burghal grey tiles also feature a soft matte finish whose low sheen appearance further accentuates the minimalist appearance. A matte finish also means these tiles won’t smudge or get watermarks. The varied stone tone introduces a natural, spa-like feel to your bathroom, and with a few more simple tweaks, such as throwing in a rug, you can turn your shower space into the dreamy retreat you saw on Pinterest. 

These tiles have a porcelain grade 4 rating, so they are not just beautiful; they are also incredibly durable, easy to maintain, versatile, and a more hygienic bathroom tiling solution. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about walking on a cold bathroom floor, since porcelain doesn’t get cold. At 5.5 per square meter, these tiles are medium-sized and perfect for large and small bathrooms. The best part? You can get a sample tile to test whether it works for you. 

Key Specs

  • Material: porcelain
  • Grade:4
  • Tile size per SQM: 5.5
  • Weight: 20.8kg

If you are not afraid to experiment with colour, the Scintilla sky pattern tiles might be the best floor tiles for you. They spot a unique, highly sought-after star-shaped pattern that is perfect if you are working towards a vintage look, trying to bring character to a plain bathroom, or looking to create a statement wall. 

The bright blue hue introduces a splash of colour, while the subtle matte finish creates a tranquil, soothing feeling in your bathroom and prevents the tiles from smudging. Note, if blue isn’t your colour, this tile comes in several other shades, including paprika orange, olive green, and the sapphire star pattern. 

Scintilla sky pattern tiles are ceramic with a grade 3 durability rating, meaning you won’t have to worry about chipping or scratches for quite a long time. Ceramic tiles also offer better traction and have excellent water resistance, making them a better fit for your bathroom, especially if yours is a high-traffic household. They are also easy to clean and don’t require sealing. 

If you’re looking to create a uniform look, you’ll be glad to know these tiles are ideal for the floors, walls, and even internals. The manufacturer offers full-size tile samples with free delivery if you’d like to try them before you buy. 

Key Specs 

  • Material: ceramic
  • Grade:3
  • Tile size per SQM: 5
  • Weight: 23kg 

Love the rustic and luxurious appearance of wooden tones in the bathroom but can’t use it because wood isn’t practical for bathrooms? Then you’ll love these Samanea oak suar tiles. They are ceramic with wooden tones meaning you get the durability, traction, moisture-resistance, affordability of ceramic tiles, and the charming, rustic aesthetic of wood. 

For an even more compelling design outcome, try pairing this floor with concrete materials or adding a few wooden accents, such as a wood bathroom vanity, to get the rustic vibe going. 

These tiles can be laid out in different ways, including the standard offset grid pattern, maximum separation, and the herringbone pattern at 45 and 90-degree angles. 

So, you can either opt for a uniform design, use different layouts for the walls and floor to create visual interest, or even set the tiles diagonally to create the illusion of space if your bathroom is small. The planks are extra-long and perfect if you’re trying to create a cohesive look between the bathroom and adjoining rooms, such as the bedroom. 

They weigh a little over 23kgs and feature a soft, matt finish for a subtle, calm feel. What’s more, they come in a smaller size, ideal for bathrooms with strip drains or where space is an issue. As with the other bathroom tile ideas on this list, you also get a full-sized sample with free delivery. 

Key Specs 

  • Material: ceramic
  • Grade:4
  • Tile size per SQM: 4.38
  • Weight: 23.35kg

Since they are large format tiles, they add a flawless finish to a bathroom and do a great job at making it feel bigger. However, if you prefer smaller tiles, they’ll still make an excellent fit for you as they feature a grid that you can grout into to create an illusion of smaller, square-shaped tiles. 

Ledbury powder blue pattern tiles have a satin finish which is soft but not too shiny, striking a sweet spot between matte and glossy. These tiles are made of ceramic and are typically less hectic to maintain. They are durable, and their hard surface helps keep allergens, like pink mould, at bay. In addition, they have a high anti-slip rating and a grade 4 durability rating. 

Don’t like this colour? The Ledbury tiles come in alternative colours and designs like slate grey and charcoal black if you’re trying to keep things neutral, and a stunning marina blue if you don’t mind playing around with colour. Pre-seal before grouting to enhance their satin finish and prevent discolouration caused by grouting. Also, request a sample to see if they fit what you have in mind before buying. 

Key Specs 

  • Material: ceramic
  • Grade:4
  • Tile size per SQM: 5
  • Weight: 18.98kg

These titanic graphite tiles are proof you can never go wrong with grey. They have a charcoal grey colour designed to work beautifully with all types of bathroom décor. As porcelain tiles, they are durable, highly resistant to scratches, stains, moisture, and even harsh cleaning agents. The grey colour combined with a large format tile design makes the room feel elongated, creating a sense of space and a smooth transition between the bathroom and nearby rooms. 

Titanic graphite tiles spot a bright, elegant polished finish and are ideal for walls, floors, and internals. Besides this shade of grey, they also come in other designs, including several gorgeous, chevron-patterned styles. There’s also a supersize option for buyers looking to create an illusion of space in bathrooms. You need not dread walking into the bathroom barefooted with these tiles since they don’t get as cold as ceramic tiles. 

Key Specs 

  • Material: porcelain
  • Grade:5
  • Tile size per SQM: 1.56
  • Weight: 21.84kg 

Buying Guide

Consider the following to buy the best bathroom floor tiles: 

Bathroom floor tiles

The Material

As you may have noticed from our list above, house tiles come in different materials. The most common options for a bathroom floor include:


Ceramic is often the most popular material option when it comes to bathroom tiles ideas. Ceramic tile is manufactured from red, white, or brown clay, presenting almost infinite design options to choose from. This material also boasts excellent water resistance, making it an ideal bathroom tiling option due to the naturally humid conditions in this room. 

These tiles are also extremely durable, easy to clean, and don’t require much maintenance. It’s also cheaper and tends to repel allergens due to its hard surface. On the downside, ceramic tile can feel uncomfortable on bare feet and get particularly cold during winter. 


Commonly confused with ceramic, porcelain tiles are also an ideal tiling option for the bathroom. Porcelain tiles are engineered from refined white clay, sand, and feldspar and are typically fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles. 

Thanks to this, porcelain tile is incredibly long-lasting, and with proper maintenance, can last up to half a century. It’s also moisture, slip, and stain-resistant and is easy to maintain, meaning it’s a practical option for high-traffic areas like the bathroom. Porcelain tile is, however, more expensive than most tile materials and is harder to install. 


Also known as luxury synthetic tiles, vinyl tiles often mimic a wooden-floor aesthetic and are pretty durable (but not like ceramic or porcelain). Vinyl tile is also scratch-resistant, easy to install and clean, and is cheaper than most tiling materials. However, vinyl tiles might require sealing and are pretty hard to remove. 


Stone tiles are made from different materials, including marble, limestone, travertine, and granite. As a result, they’re available in countless patterns and textures, ranging from etched to sandblasted. Stone tiles are easy to clean, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-friendly. However, they are tricky to install, expensive, and are highly porous, making them prone to staining. 

Bathroom Size

With the material aspect out of the way, the next factor to consider when choosing bathroom tiles is your bathroom’s size. Consider going for large or brightly coloured tiles for small bathrooms as they make a room feel bigger and airier. For large bathrooms, your options are essentially unlimited. 


Some tile materials, such as peel-and-stick vinyl, are often easy to install, meaning you can do it yourself and cut costs. However, some, like porcelain, are tricky to lay and require special cutting materials that you may not have at home. Consider whether you want to install your bathroom floor tiles yourself or hire a professional before you decide on a particular choice. 

Slip Wear

The slip wear rating of a tile product is also helpful in determining the durability of a tile product. The rating ranges from PEI Class 1 to PEI Class 5. Any tile with a PEI Class 4 or 5 rating is durable and can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic. 


The last thing you want is to fall in your bathroom because your floor tiles are too slippery. Ensure you opt for tiles with slip resistance. Mosaic or small tiles offer excellent traction but if they don’t tickle your fancy, look for tiles with more grout lines. Alternatively, you may refer to the DCOF rating to determine the slip resistance of a tile design you’re considering. 

Maintenance Requirements

The best bathroom tiles should be not only durable but also easy to clean. This is particularly important as the bathroom is a moisture-high area, prone to allergy-causing bacteria like pink mould. Hard tile materials like ceramic often make an excellent fit since they’ll naturally repel such allergens. 

Note, however, that unglazed ceramic tiles require constant polishing and may not be ideal if you’re looking for a tile material with the least maintenance requirements. Also, ensure you opt for a tile material that requires minimal resealing.

Texture and bathroom floor Tile Pattern

Also, consider the tile texture and pattern. Again, your options are countless, ranging from glazed and unglazed, plain or patterned, and high gloss to matte. Usually, texture and tile patterns are a matter of preferences. 


Grout is the dense, paste-like fluid used to fill the gaps between tiles. It is typically a mixture of water, sand, and cement and comes in different colour options. Select the right grout colour as it can significantly impact the overall appearance of your bathroom floor. 

If you want the tile colour to stand out, opt for a grout colour that blends well with it, such as white tiles with white tiles. But if you want to create more character, choose a contrasting grout colour such as the classic white tile with black grout or black with light grey.


While the goal is to get the best bathroom tiles, it’s essential you also consider your budget when choosing tiles for your bathroom wall or floors. As noted earlier, various tile materials come at different costs, with ceramic and vinyl often being the most affordable. 

tiler working on bathroom floor tiles

How to Use the Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

Even though tiles are the best bathroom wall and floor solution, they’re only as good and as beautiful as you make them. Check out these tips to help you achieve a decoratively tiled bathroom:

Consider Alternative Layouts

Instead of the classic wall-to-wall tile layout, try other styles such as the diagonal pattern. It has a unique “V” configuration which creates an illusion of space in small bathrooms and distracts the eye from room imperfections.  Other great patterns include chevron and Herrington. The best part? You don’t have to settle for one!

Colourful Grout

Colourful grout is the easiest way to add colour and an artistic flair to a bathroom. If you’re working towards a simple but noticeable look, match your grout colour to an accent feature to make it pop more. But if you are open to experimenting, try painting bright shades like orange or light grey. 

Create a Statement Wall

A statement wall, also known as a feature or accent wall, is the easiest way to add colour and elevate a neutral-themed bathroom. Plus, it allows you to put your artistic and décor knowledge to the test. With the rest of your bathroom being plain and neutral, you can try nearly any pattern, size, and material. To pull it off, you could try painting one of your bathroom walls in two different colours or use brightly coloured scalloped tiles on it. 

Another great way to do it is by creating your statement wall around another accent wall. For instance, use a bright but neutral colour like white around the bathroom, but opt for contrasting mosaic tiles or boldly-coloured tiles around your bathtub to create visual space and a unique feature wall. 

Make the Shower Area Pop

Prefer simple but aesthetically pleasing décor? Then you should consider using bold, brightly coloured, two-toned triangles, mixed hexagons, or uniquely patterned tiles around the shower area. 

Use an Interesting Tile Pattern on the Floor

Use a single, neutral colour palette on the rest of your bathroom, but go with an interesting tile pattern on the floor to create interest. The scintilla sky pattern and Ledbury powder blue tiles make a great fit in this scenario. 

Try bathroom floor Penny Tiles

Penny tiles are back and the easiest way to keep up with this trend is by installing them in your bathroom. They’re non-slip, making them perfect for the bathroom floor, and are quite affordable and easy to install.

In a Nutshell

Your bathroom doesn’t just have to be where you take showers and brush your teeth. It can also be your space to luxuriate after a day of hard work.  Creatively using tiles is the easiest way to turn it into such a space. Maximise on our buying guide highlighted to buy the best bathroom floor tiles and the handy decorative tips highlighted above to turn it into the dreamy bathrooms you’ve always wanted.

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