Hexagon Bathroom Tiles: 11 Means To Make The Room Hip and Cool

Though we might not want to admit it, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. In fact, a recent study reported that average British adults spend about 416 days of their lives in the bathroom. That’s around 25 minutes per day. 

So with this much time spent in such a small room, the decor of the room should matter. People always take extra care to make their living rooms and kitchens look nice, but we should be giving the same attention to our bathrooms, too. 

But what’s the best way to decorate a bathroom?

Enter: hexagon bathroom tiles. Hexagon bathroom tiles are a unique way to add a sense of style and personality to your home bathroom without breaking the bank. Hexagon tiles are easy to install, customizable and fun for bathrooms of any shape or size.

Why Should I Use Hexagon Bathroom Tiles?

Hexagon tiles are especially favoured for bathrooms because the modern shape is soothing to the eye, and the material often helps reduce bacteria, stains and odours. 

While grouted floors and walls are typical for most bathrooms, hexagon tiles have less space between tiles, therefore less room for a buildup of nasty bacteria and dirt. 

The six-sided shape of the tiles also helps break up the monotony you normally expect from a household bathroom. The texture of the tiles adds depth and interest to even the most boring spaces and can help make your home feel new and special, no matter how long you’ve lived in it.

No matter what style your home is, there’s a hexagon bathroom tile that can take your bathroom to the next level. 

Our top 11 hexagon bathroom tile options are listed below, with details about each so you can imagine your own home with an upgraded bathroom style.

  • Material: Glazed porcelain
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 330x285x9mm

Inspired by Italy’s own Bardiglio Imperiale grey marble, these hexagon bathroom tiles are perfect for levelling up your bathroom for a sleek, elegant look. 

Perfect for a mid-century modern or minimalist look, this grey style has smooth, clean lines and a calming appearance to create a clean, organised space. 

The tiles are easy to install on both the floor and walls, which creates a clean, uniform feel for the entire area.

  • Material: Porcelain with a shimmering gloss finish
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 330x285x9mm

If you prefer a mostly white or simplistic style throughout your home, consider a white marble hexagon tile for your next bathroom remodel. 

These Voronoi white marble tiles are sleek and clean without being boring. Think of these tiles as the perfect minimalist accent piece for even the smallest bathrooms. 

Made with a porcelain base, the Carrara marble effect design comes to life with the grey and brown veining streaking across the white, hexagonal backdrop. The porcelain tiles are finished with a shimmering gloss to keep the tiles looking clean and bright in all settings. 

The porcelain used to construct these tiles is sturdy and durable over time, leaving your bathroom looking just as fresh and new on year five as it did on day one. The tiles are also capable of underfloor heating, which means the tiles will not only look great, but they’ll also feel great on your feet in the winter, too. 

The Verenoi white marble tiles are perfect for minimalist homes with natural accents like plants and large windows. Adding a pop of colour with other decor pieces will only further accent the tile’s clean look. 

  • Material: Porcelain with a matte finish
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 330x285x9mm

If you’re looking for a darker, modern appearance in your bathroom, then look no further than these aspect black hexagon tiles. 

These matte black tiles bring a silky sleek look to any bathroom, no matter the colour of the walls. The black tiles are perfect for the floor of your shower and are often paired with a white tile to alternate on the walls. 

The charcoal-coloured tiles are equipped with anti-bacterial properties to help keep your bathroom feeling fresh between cleanings. Not only will the smooth tiles help keep your bathroom feeling clean, but they also create a sleek, modern feel to accent any contemporary household style.

Single tile samples are available online to judge the feel and look of the tiles before planning to re-tile your bathroom. We suggest getting the tile wet to judge how slippery the smooth surface may be in the shower. 

  • Material: Porcelain with a matte finish
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 320x368x8mm

If you have a bathroom with white countertops and appliances, but you want to add some spunk with colour, you may have found the hexagon tile for you. 

This mostly pink tile takes decor to a whole new level with its bright colours and speckled design. Modelled after the traditional terrazzo style, this fun tile offers a fresh take on a more traditional tile design. 

Instead of just being one solid colour, the Terrazzo Nevada pink tile has a variety of stone-inspired flecks throughout its light pink colour palette that offers a look that’s sure to wow your guests. 

The porcelain material is suitable for floors or walls, and the tiles are just large enough that it wouldn’t take too many to fill a wall or portion of a wall surrounding your bathroom mirror. The tiles are finished with a matte coating to further emphasise the stone speckles and to keep the tiles looking clean. 

These tiles are perfect for homeowners wanting a fun, fresh aesthetic throughout their space. The pink colour is uncommon for a home bathroom but brings a modern twist to any space.

  • Material: Porcelain with a matte finish
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 320x368x8mm

Similar to the pink tile, this mineral green tile is perfect for adding a pop of colour to a room you know you will spend at least some time in every day. 

The fun, deep green tile is filled with stone-inspired specks of pink, white, grey and black colours. The large tiles are perfect for surrounding your mirror and sink, no matter what the colour of your appliances. 

The variety of colours keeps the porcelain tiles from looking boring and will make your bathroom feel finished and detailed, even without decorations or art on the walls. 

This style is perfect for homes with deep jewel tones, modern furniture or clean lines. 

The large size of these tiles is also helpful for cleanliness because there is less grout between tiles to collect dirt or bacteria. 

The size also helps the bathroom feel larger and fancier, even in the most crowded places. It only takes about 8.5 tiles per square metre to fill the bathroom walls, meaning a little can go a long way when it comes to upgrading your bathroom with these hexagon tiles.

  • Material: Porcelain with a matte finish
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 200x175x8mm

If you’re looking for a contemporary, dark-coloured look in your home, these black sage hexagon tiles are exactly what you need for your bathroom. 

This tile takes the look of a simplistic, square black tile to the next level by adding dimension and depth with the choice of shape and finish. This six-sided tile is much more interesting to look at in any bathroom and doesn’t appear dirty or scuffed like other tiles might. 

Made of a strong, durable porcelain and finished with a soft matte touch, these tiles offer a sense of modern sophistication and class for any contemporary bathroom. 

The deep black colour of these tiles will add depth to any bathroom and can easily be layered with white tiles to create a pattern throughout the walls or floors of your bathroom. These tiles are also much smaller than several of the other selections, which means they can fit into smaller spaces with ease.

If you do opt to use these tiles on your floor, they are capable of underfloor heating, which would only make your bathroom that much more exciting to visit. 

  • Material: Porcelain with a matte finish
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 333x280x9mm

Feature walls can be for way more than just living rooms and family rooms – with these tiles, they’re for bathrooms, too. 

These unique two-toned hexagon tiles are unlike anything else you’ll normally see in a home bathroom. 

The six-sided shape is split in two, with a dark brown on one side and light brown on the other. The combination of colours will make any bathroom look like its received a huge upgrade, even if it was just the installation of a few tiles. 

With the dynamic duo of colours, these tiles are perfect for creating patterns and feature walls for your home bathroom area. And though it’s made of porcelain, these tartan ashened wood tiles have a wooden appearance to create a softer, more welcoming feel wherever they’re located. 

If you’re looking for a natural look that isn’t boring, these tiles may just do the trick. The long-lasting porcelain can withstand wear and tear as well as underfloor heating, and the matte finish will keep the tiles looking like fresh wood for years to come. 

These multi-dimensional tiles are perfect for creating the illusion of space in small bathrooms and for softening sharp corners in the area. The wooden look brings a feeling of relaxation and peace in the room you’ll need it most. 

  • Material: Ceramic with a gloss finish
  • Suitable for: Walls
  • Size: 300x100x8mm

If jewel tones and modern accents are your jam, these tiles may be just what you’re looking for to bring your bathroom together with the rest of your home style. 

Straying from the typical six-sided design, these elongated hexagon tiles can transform your bathroom from drab and plain to sophisticated and artful. 

The deep blue colour of these tiles will accent any appliances in your bathroom and will perfectly frame your mirror along your bathroom wall. 

The specific shape is not only eye-catching, but it will also make your space look bigger. The shape is guaranteed to make your bathroom feel taller and larger than it really is. 

Instead of porcelain, these tiles are made of a hardy ceramic and finished with a shimmering gloss to make the colour really pop. These definitive, beautiful tiles will upgrade your bathroom with a sense of modern flair that could never be accomplished with wallpaper alone.

  • Material: Ceramic with a gloss finish
  • Suitable for: Walls
  • Size: 300x100x8.2mm

Tired of seeing the same old colours in all your friends’ bathrooms? Then get ready to wow your company with these unique, mint green tiles made of a beautiful ceramic. 

Perfect for walls and marble accents, these mint green tiles are elongated hexagons to bring patterns and texture to your favourite bubble bath space. 

These specific tiles are perfect for homes with small, unique accents throughout and a modern feel. The shiny gloss finish and definitive bevelled edge of the tiles works together perfectly to create a beautiful space that’s reminiscent of the nicest and most relaxing hotel rooms. 

Upgrade your bathroom with these mint green tiles for a look that’s sure to stand out.

  • Material: Ceramic with a gloss finish
  • Suitable for: Walls
  • Size: 300x100x8.2mm

Very similar to the mint green tiles, these pink petal tiles offer a softer, more interesting colour for your bathroom than the typical blacks, whites and greys. 

These elongated hexagons are perfect for adding a pop of colour to any contemporary household. 

Though they aren’t suitable for floors, the addition of these tiles onto your bathroom walls will add an inviting air to the room that’ll make you want to relax and enjoy the view. The texture of the repetitive pink tiles is soothing to the eye and pairs perfectly with other soft colours. 

The ceramic composition is highlighted with a glossy finish to keep the bathroom looking fresh for all guests. Samples of the tiles are available through the website and can be hung either vertically or horizontally on your bathroom walls.

  • Material: Porcelain with a matte finish
  • Suitable for: Floors and walls
  • Size: 200x175x8mm

Looking for something interesting and out of the ordinary for your bathroom style? Try these harmony hexagon tiles for a vintage look that will still feel new and creative. 

Detailed designs resembling stars, flowers and other patterns are the speciality of Harmony hexagon tiles. If you choose these tiles, you’ll receive a random mix of coloured designs that are made to complement one another no matter the pattern they’re placed in. 

You could add interest to your bathroom floor or shower walls with these tiles in a way that will stay clean and never get old to look at. The bespoke design acts as its own statement piece, with beautiful colours bringing a vintage style to any space. 


No matter how long you’ve lived in your house, it could still probably use a few upgrades. Focussing your upgrades on your bathroom may not only pay off in your happiness level, but it may also transform the entire feel of your house, depending on the style you choose. 

Since we all spend as much time as we do in the bathroom, why not take the extra time to make it comfortable and appealing to the eye? 

Instead of fretting over artwork or accent pieces to hang, adding hexagon tiles to your bathroom is a great way to level up your bathroom without breaking the bank. 

Most tiles are fit for both walls and floors in your bathroom, with several equipped with underfloor heating capabilities. Since you know you’ll visit the room every day, it may be worth the extra effort and time to make sure the bathroom is comfortable and inviting for all your guests. 

Samples are available of almost every tile type, so feel free to order a singular tile before committing to a specific bathroom tile style.

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