15 Porcelain Paving Slabs to Give Your Patio a Luxury Makeover

Porcelain is a functional trend in indoor spaces that have made waves for its durability, beauty and versatility. Porcelain paving slabs have the ability to create an extremely classy ambience in your garden, outdoors.

Porcelain tiles are man-made and are constructed from highly-refined clay and fired at extremely high heat. As a result, they are incredibly dense and more durable than ceramic tiles. 

They make excellent outdoor pavers for several reasons. In addition to being less porous than ceramic or sandstone tiles, which makes them resistant to liquid and stains, they are easy to clean and maintain. 

Not only is this great for wet UK summers, but you also don’t need to worry about the sun fading the tiles or ground in dirt changing the colors over time. 

In addition to their amazing functionality, porcelain tiles are trendy and stylish. Many have a stone or concrete look to them and run the gamut from cool tones and neutrals to trendy greys and blacks. 

There are hundreds of porcelain pavers on the market, and it can be difficult to narrow down the options. To help, we’ve compiled 15 of the best porcelain paving slabs on the market that can transform your outdoor space and give it the luxury makeover it deserves.

Icaria Plus Blanco Porcelain Paving Slabs

These pavers are the perfect choice for an outdoor patio renovation. The porcelain is a modern white colour with grey directional veining that gives every patio a lovely textured look. We think this light-colored porcelain would look great with a sleek patio set and warm terracotta pots.  

Each tile weighs 13.53kg and is 595x595x20mm, so they are quite large. You could fit 2.8 of these porcelain pavers per square metre. They also have a high grip strength and hold up in high-traffic areas.

We love the dark, moody greys of the Botanique Brunia Porcelain paving slabs. They are modelled after Belgian Bluestone, which is a dark indigo coloured stone quarried in Belgium. Its dynamic design has a lot of depth, displaying light and dark greys in the mix.

These tiles have a matt texture and an anti-slip finish. The tiles also have a rectified edge, which means they were manufactured with precise, clean edges that fit together uniformly.

Each tile is 600x600x20mm, which allows for 2.78 tiles per square metre.

If you’re interested in turning your bland outdoor space into a contemporary oasis, start with the Planate Gunmetal Grey porcelain pavers. 

Each porcelain tile is simple and sleek with a clean look and a narrow grout line that fits almost seamlessly with each tile edge. 

This type of grey resembles concrete and would look great with lighter-coloured woods or natural materials like wicker or bamboo for contrast. A minimalist colour scheme in blacks and whites alongside boldly patterned pillows and lush plants would round out the entire look.

The tiles are 600x600x20mm each and weigh just over 15kg. Like all porcelain pavers, they are extremely durable and have a great grip.

We love the beautifully textured Leinz Grey Porcelain pavers and how easily they can transform an outdoor space. 

Their neutral colour includes creams, sands, and greys all mixed together to make a complex design with great depth. This natural colour can be dressed with a variety of neutral or bold colour palettes. 

These tiles are on the larger side at 595x595x20mm and weigh in at 14kg. 

Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe these Icaria Plus Beige porcelain paving slabs. Each 595x595x20mm porcelain tile is a subtle mixture of beige and ivory. The quartzite stone effect gives each tile a unique stone-like appearance for a more natural paving style. 

The neutral colours in these pavers mean you could make any style of patio furniture or landscaping work with it. No accent colour is off-limits. 

In addition to the beauty and versatility of these tiles, they are also extremely functional. They can withstand any amount of rain and are frostproof, so you don’t have to worry about slips in the wintertime.

The concrete look of these soft grey Calcario Porcelain Paving Slabs is perfect for an outdoor patio renovation. 

Grey is such a versatile colour on its own, especially when it comes to home design. It is dark enough to ground a space full of bright colours like teals, yellows, and rusty oranges, but dark enough to provide excellent contrast if a more neutral colour palette is chosen. These porcelain tiles have a soothing quality to them as well, and a matt texture that will feel good on your feet. 

They come in 20mm thick and 9mm thick, so if you like the look of your outdoor space and want to bring it indoors to your kitchen or mudroom, you’d be able to do so seamlessly.

The Medici Plus Natural Porcelain Paving Slabs would give a romantic Mediterranean flair to any outdoor space, regardless of size. Its warm medium-grey tones look tan at a glance, and pair well with reddish wood stains and crisp, clean whites. 

We love the delicacy of this style as well. Veins of white and light grey run through the dark colours, giving each tile a unique look with an interesting dimension. 

Thanks to their porcelain makeup, the tiles are suitable for high-traffic floors and have a high anti-slip grade. They are water-resistant and frostproof, so they will stand up to all kinds of inclement weather. You could also install underfloor heating under the porcelain tiles to keep them from feeling cold on bare feet. 

These tiles are 595x595x20mm and weigh 13.53kg. Roughly 2.8 tiles could fit per square metre, so you wouldn’t have to buy as many as you would with a smaller tile.

Also inspired by the Belgian Bluestone, these Botanique Diablo Porcelain Paving Slabs are a deep, dark grey colour. If you look closely, these tiles also have speckles of light grey and dark shades of blue. 

We think these tiles would look wonderful in a patio with red brick accents or against a house made of brick. The warm reds of the brick will contrast nicely against the darkness of the porcelain tiles. Lighter woods and natural gravel landscaped gardens combined with these pavers give off a sleek modern vibe.

Each square is 600x600x20mm and has a matt finish. They have a great grip on them as well.

Easily create a stone-finish look on your outdoor patio for a more affordable rate with the Calcario Stone Porcelain paving slabs. The tiles are a warm beige with speckles of ivory throughout that lend a natural texture to each slab. 

Each porcelain tile has a matt finish and is suitable for outdoor use. They are 20mm thick, which is the average thickness for an outdoor tile that will withstand a lot of wear and be exposed to the elements regularly. 

The nice thing about porcelain tiles that look like stone is that they are much easier to clean and maintain than actual stone. You only need a broom or damp mop and gentle cleansers like dish soap to keep the porcelain looking brand new.

We can’t get enough of these gorgeous silver-grey Calcario Anthracite porcelain pavers. They have a clean, modern look that would give any outdoor patio space a facelift. 

They have a matt finish and are good for indoor or outdoor patios. They can also withstand high traffic and won’t scratch easily. This makes them an ideal choice for families or people with pets that spend a lot of time outdoors. 

The best thing about the Calcario Anthracite paving slabs is that they can help you keep a green, environmentally friendly home. Porcelain tile doesn’t harbour mildew, mould, or common germs, so you don’t need to use harsh chemicals or cleansers to keep it clean. It doesn’t need to be waxed or polished either, which is a great perk for those that don’t enjoy cleaning.

Slate makes for a lovely outdoor paver, but it can be extremely expensive and requires plenty of upkeep and tricky maintenance to make it last. 

The Lakeside Blue Grey Slate Effect slabs have a gorgeous slate look and feel without the headache of real slate. This tile has a mottled grey colour made up of dark and light greys with speckles and veins of white throughout. There are even splotches of tan and brown mixed in if you look closely. The overall effect is gorgeous and looks wonderfully combined. 

Sleek metal and glass-topped furniture make this porcelain tile pop. It also contrasts nicely with the warm reds and browns of a modern brick wall. The post-modern or contemporary decor would complement these porcelain tiles nicely.

The Valeria Grigio Linear tiles will bring a taste of Italian bistros to your outdoor patio. The tiles were inspired by Sampietrini Pavement, which is the traditional style of pavement found in historic sections of Rome and the Vatican City. 

The tiles have a cobble basalt design in a matt grey. Each 605x605x20mm square tile is broken up into smaller tiles in a range of light and dark greys that give the illusion of unique stone pavers. The edges are not rectified, which gives the tiles a more natural look. 

We love how the Valeria Grigio Linear pavers look with dark woods and brightly coloured furniture in blues, reds, or greens. Natural fabrics in creams and other neutral colours would also enhance the pavers. With these pavers, you could transform your patio into an outdoor oasis perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

If you love the smooth, clean look of a concrete patio paver, but you want something a little stronger and easier to maintain, these porcelain pavers are an ideal and attractive choice. 

The Materia Perla Porcelain Paving Slabs have a gorgeous grey colour with a stone effect that gives the tiles a natural look. Unlike concrete pavers, which can become slippery when they get wet, these porcelain tiles have a sturdy grip and a matt finish that helps give traction even after a downpour.

Concrete pavers can also crack or chip much easier than porcelain ones, so if constant upkeep and tile replacement aren’t on your list of to-dos, these tiles would make a great alternative. 

Each tile is 600x600x20mm and weighs 5.4kg, so they are much lighter than real concrete slabs as well and are going to be a little bit easier to install.

For a truly unique porcelain patio tile that will elevate your outdoor space to a luxurious spot you’ll never want to leave, try the Velaria Grigio Blanco Arco Porcelain Paving Slabs. 

They have an old-world vibe to them, and when installed on a patio, lend a level of luxury regardless of how much space you have to work with. 

Each 605x605x20mm square has white tiled arcs from corner to corner. The larger tiles can turn and rotate to create perfect circles or unique fan shapes. The cobbled, bistro-like design would look great on its own or in a pattern with the Valeria Grigio Linear tiles we discussed earlier.

You can easily transform your outdoor patio space with the Icaria Plus Ocre Porcelain Paving Slabs. They have a quartzite effect, which not only gives each tile a unique and textured appearance but will make your entire patio look more expensive than it is. 

These porcelain tiles are a mix of beige and ivory with directional veining that provide movement and visual interest. The neutral colours will certainly warm up your space. We would add patio furniture in dark browns and clean whites to bring out the light and dark colours in the tiles, and add in lots of potted plants for a touch of green. 

The tiles are 595x595x20mm and have a matt finish. They weigh 13.5kg each, which is pretty standard for a porcelain tile.

People Also Ask

Here are a few frequently asked questions people unfamiliar with porcelain patio pavers ask:

Are porcelain patio slabs slippery?

No. Porcelain pavers are dense and have a low moisture absorption, making them highly slip-resistant. Patio slabs that have a matt finish will also provide traction.

Are porcelain tiles good for patios?

Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for patios. Not only are they resistant to water, but they also do well in extremely hot and cold temperatures and resist sun fading.

Are porcelain slabs more expensive than sandstone?

Yes, usually porcelain slabs are more expensive than sandstone. However, they are a high-quality, durable material that makes for an excellent long-term investment. 

Are porcelain slabs slippery when wet?

Not at all. Porcelain pavers are slip-resistant, however, the texture of the patio slab matters. Polished pavers with a smooth surface will be more slippery than porcelain patio tile that has texture and grip.

How good are porcelain paving slabs?

High-quality porcelain paving slabs are a great choice for patios. In addition to being low maintenance and easy to clean, they are resistant to all types of weather. Furthermore, they are difficult to scratch. They can withstand 

They are also beautiful. Porcelain paving slabs come in a variety of textures and colours that go with everything from contemporary to Tuscan-style decor.

Do porcelain pavers chip easily?

Porcelain pavers are incredibly strong and durable and resist chipping once they have been installed. However, they are fairly fragile during the fabrication process and are known to crack and chip before installation.

Do porcelain slabs need sealing?

It is always advisable to seal your porcelain patio slabs to help prevent staining or premature fading. Porcelain tiles don’t require sealing to remain water and frostproof, however, the grout joint between each tile is usually made of cement and is therefore very porous. Sealing will help keep the grout from cracking.

How thick are porcelain slabs?

The thickness of porcelain slabs will vary depending on the style and manufacturer. However, the average outdoor tile is usually 20mm thick. Thinner tiles range from 3-5mm. 

Can porcelain slabs be laid on sand?

Porcelain slabs can be laid on sand for outdoor patios, landscaped gardens, or walkways. Sand and gravel beds are often the preferred installation method for porcelain paver slabs. 


Designing an outdoor patio is a fun, rewarding experience with hundreds of options when it comes to style and materials. Porcelain pavers are a great alternative to ceramic, sandstone, or quartz. They are incredibly strong and resistant to rain, snow, frost, and heat. Although they are a bit of an investment, porcelain tiles are durable and will last for decades. 

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