11 New-Old Vintage Tiles If You’re a Hopeless Romantic

In interior design, hopeless romantics have an edge and flair for the dramatic. Those of us with more practical minds often struggle with that. Their penchant for creating beautiful rooms with elegant colour schemes, tasteful fabrics, and carefully chosen hardware and lighting is unparalleled. The same goes for vintage tiles.

One of the secrets of a hopeless romantic’s home is vintage tiles. New-old vintage tiles are an easy way to bring art and design into the basic construction of any room while remaining practical and functional for everyday wear and tear. Not only is their beauty unmatched, but they also elevate and warm an otherwise sterile design. 

If you are a budding hopeless romantic or long to style your home like one, take a look at the following list of our favourite new-old vintage tiles.

Whitechapel Gloss White Metro Tiles

One of the best parts of a simple white metro tile is its versatility. The Whitechapel Gloss White Metro tiles can add modernity or a vintage, old-world style charm to any room. 

The tile first came on the scene in the early 20th century with the introduction of underground train travel. Designers Christopher Grant La Farge and George C. Heins created these distinctive yet straightforward rectangular tiles, which inspired their use in places like the London Tube and the New York subway station. They were easy to clean and care for in addition to reflecting light in dark spaces. 

Over time, these glossy white tiles have become an iconic style that found a place in the home. Most people enjoy its timeless design and how easily they complement or contrast with other areas of a room’s design. They are found most commonly in areas where sanitation is a concern, such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

Whitechapel Gloss White Metro are 200x100x7mm ceramic tiles with a lovely shimmering gloss finish. Their bevelled edge lends the final look a timelessness that any hopeless romantic will appreciate.

Nothing says romance quite like a vintage ceramic tile covered in stars. The Scintilla Black Star Pattern Tiles are stunningly beautiful with aged effects, geometric patterns, and monochromatic colour schemes. They are designed for both walls and floors, which means you can add them to any place in your home that needs a touch of romance and whimsy.

The 450x450x10mm tiles are made of ceramic and have a matte finish. They are scratch and stain-resistant and easy to clean, making them a perfect addition to high-traffic areas or in homes with pets or children. 

We envision this gorgeous vintage tile making a real statement underneath a claw foot bathtub in a master bathroom or a kitchen with old-world vibes.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the stark contrast of black and white. Consider the Scintilla Olive Green Star Pattern Tiles for a softer, earthier look. These beauties have been lovingly aged to appear weathered and vintage, with parchment and off-white coloured background. 

We love the sharp, eye-catching geometric patterns visible within the stars themselves and the romantic art deco feel they have. These would be ideal as statement flooring in a foyer or a master bathroom.

For a romantic tile that appears straight out of the French countryside, the Harran Antique Vintage Blue Pattern Floor Tiles are a must-have. 

These 450x450x8mm ceramic floor tiles are the perfect way to add effortless charm to any space of your home. From the lovely shade of blue to the elegantly aged encaustic design, these tiles will lend a period look to any hallway, foyer, or kitchen floor. Adding this vintage style tile into your home will help create a peaceful escape from the chaos of modern-day life.

These gorgeous Vernice Bon Bon Pink Tiles are a nod to the natural clay Zellige tiles handcrafted in Morocco by specialized craftsmen. This style of tile is known for its subtle variations in shine, flatness, depth, and unique and often irregular surface texture.

The slight crackle effect present in these bubblegum pink tiles and their irregular edges and textured surface make them a truly unique choice for the walls of your home. They are small and square, measuring 130x130x8mm, and have a stunning gloss finish that reflects the light beautifully.

If you like the look of traditional metro tiles but are hankering for something a little funkier, the Chiffon Hand Crafted Metro Tiles are an excellent alternative. 

These brick-shaped ceramic tiles are elongated, measuring 300x75mm. Their irregular texture and raw, rustic edges make them perfect for a vintage-style room, which occurs naturally from the handcrafted process. Their glossy white colour is versatile and perfect as the backsplash in a bathroom or kitchen.

Not all romantic rooms are styled in shades of pink and white. Adding the bright and colourful Metro Green Park Green Gloss Tiles to the walls of your home is a bold design choice that is both elegant and timeless. 

These glossy ceramic 200x100x7mm biselado wall tiles have a bevelled edge that makes them suitable for any backsplash or interior wall. The unique design is versatile and can be used in an old-world designed room or a contemporary one.

The vintage style of the Scintilla Silver Grey Star Pattern Tiles is drool-worthy. The aged edges and distressed patterns add visual interest to the matt ceramic tile, while the light grey colour of the stars makes them versatile enough to be installed in any space that needs a little pizazz. 

Styling the rest of a room around these unique tiles is simple. Adding bold, jewel-toned coloured furniture in addition to bright gold or brass fixtures would be a lovely way to anchor the busy star pattern and keep it from overwhelming your bathroom or lounge.

If you’re looking for a tile that can give your home a funky 60s and 70s vintage vibe, look no further than the Classico Daisy Bloom Pattern Tiles. 

These strikingly bold and beautiful ceramic tiles are 450x450x10mm and are suitable for either walls or floors. They have a grid scored into their face, giving the illusion of 4 smaller tiles. The pattern consists of white, medium-grey, and soft blue shapes, with simple daisies in the centre. The effect is a tile that is busy and bold without being overwhelming.

The Victorian age was a time of revolutionary breakthroughs in science and art, as well as a time of romance and elegance still emulated in fashion and interior design today. Style the Victorian-era bathroom, sun porch, or kitchen of your dreams with the Victorian Green Metro Tiles. 

These lovely and bold glossy tiles are made of ceramic and measure 100x200x6mm. They are ideal for creating stunning accent walls or as a statement backsplash. 

The deep, rich green of these metro tiles is to die for. But their unique bevelled edges also give them a texture, charm, and additional visual interest you might not get with a traditional white metro tile. 

Pair this tile with warm woods, brass hardware, clean black and white furnishings, and as many real or fake plants as your romantic heart desire for the complete look.

The Capsule Victorian Green Tiles are an alternative to the bevelled rectangular edged metro tiles. They have the same luscious green hue and shimmery gloss finish but are shaped in a 150x150x8mm square. 

The shape and colour of these Victorian-era vintage tiles are surprisingly versatile. They work with a wide range of paint colours and wallpaper patterns, and can even be used as a skirting tile. They are made with an open crystalline glaze which requires sealing before they are installed, although this makes them less ideal for areas like showers where they will be in direct contact with large volumes of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about antique and vintage tiles. 

Where can I find old ceramic tiles?

If you are interested in using actual vintage ceramic tiles instead of new-old vintage tiles, you may have to do a little digging on sites like eBay. Architectural salvage shops and antique stores are good places to hunt down old ceramic tiles as well. If you have a specific style in mind, manufacturers and warehouses may be able to scrounge up discontinued styles.

What are antique tiles?

Antique tiles are wall or floor tiles made from natural pigment dyes and traditional materials. They are usually handmade as well. Antique tiles are often salvaged from older buildings or homes and resold, giving them a unique history that you can introduce into your home.

How do I find old floor tiles?

It is always best to purchase old floor tiles from a trusted vendor or resource that specializes in antique pieces. Talk to local antique and vintage stores in your area for referrals, or do some research online.

How can you tell if the tile is antique?

Authentic antique tiles will have unique flaws in the paint structure or design, as they were not mass-produced by machines. There will be colour variations and evidence of wear and tear, as well as evidence of many years of re-sealing. 

If you aren’t sure if a tile is truly antique, some experts can identify the legitimacy of the tile for you.

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