10 Limestone Floor Tiles For a Smooth Look and Feel For Any Room

Limestone floors are a classic design look. The crisp, clean look can add style and class to any room, especially the kitchen or bathroom. Limestone is a good flooring material if you want a rich, earthy quality to your interior decor. 

At first glance, limestone may seem like a luxury material, but it’s more affordable than other tiling materials, such as marble or granite. 

With limestone, you will get the stone texture that elevates a space at a fraction of the cost of other popular stone types, which is even more true if you opt for limestone effect tiles, which are usually made from porcelain or ceramic. 

If you decide to install a limestone tile floor, you will have many textures and styles from which to choose. There are many attractive and quality limestone tiles available, including various options for colour tones, textures, and material compositions. 

The style of limestone tile you select can significantly impact a space’s interior design, making a room feel more soothing, elegant, and refined. 

Read on to learn about the best limestone floor tiles for enhancing the look of any room in your home.

Brixton Smoke Tiles

These Brixton Smoke Tiles are the perfect balance between classic and industrial styles. Although the tiles are ceramic, the texture and colour create a charming limestone effect.

The grey, smoky colour, and smooth texture evoke English limestone, adding a calming and upscale feel to a space, almost as if you are inside an old stone castle. However, when you pair the tile with more modern furnishing and finishes, this tile would also look fantastic in a more industrial, contemporary environment. 

These tiles can be easily cleaned and cut because they are ceramic, making them ideal for day-to-day wear and tear and customising your flooring design.

A light limestone-style tile like these Tayla Matt Calico Limestone Effect Tiles is an excellent option for a soothing, spa-like sensation. These tiles are an attractive, pale natural tone that suggests a Mediterranean or tropical setting.

The smooth texture and neutral colour make this tile design well-suited for various design concepts, whether in a kitchen, bathroom, or modern living room. If you pair these tiles with natural wood furniture and bright accent colours, you will have a charming and playful tropical-inspired room. 

This limestone effect tiles set is made of porcelain, an ultra-durable material and a wise investment for flooring. 

Furthermore, the tiles have a rectified edge, which means you can install the tiles with a smaller grout line. Having a tighter grout line can be desirable for cleaning and style purposes.

Like the Brixton Smoke Tiles, the Brixton Brule Tiles are an English-inspired limestone effect tileset that will give your home a classic, dignified style.

These Brixton Brule Tiles are a light, beige colour, which provides a pleasant and natural look. The stone texture is particularly compelling on this tile, and it boasts a highly realistic appearance and attractive colour tone variation. Subtle marbling and veining give these tiles extra dimension and dynamism. 

In terms of interior design, this tile style would work well in a kitchen or living room, especially if the space gets plenty of natural light. 

Since these tiles are ceramic, they are easy to cut and clean and thus are a convenient and affordable alternative to natural limestone. Given that one of the most common limestone floor tiles problems is cleaning and maintenance, it’s no wonder that many consumers opt for a ceramic substitute.

The Largo Mist White Tiles create a fresh and clean look. These tiles are matt white and come in a narrow rectangle shape. Suitable for both a modern or timeless style, these limestone effect tiles are ideal for a luxurious bathroom remodel. 

Largo Mist White Tiles can be used for floor or wall tiling. We love the idea of using the extra-large size of these tiles for a dramatic subway tile wall in a master bathroom. When paired with natural wood decor, these tiles would turn your bathroom into a personal spa.

Made of porcelain, these tiles are a practical and realistic limestone alternative. Additionally, the tiles have an anti-slip finish, an excellent feature for bathroom tiles.

This grey Calcario Anthracite Tiles set would look beautiful in either a contemporary bathroom or ultra-modern open concept kitchen and living room space. 

Anthracite refers to a form of black coal, an appropriate name for the grey and black tones of the tiles. The natural texture and limestone brushed effect produces a wide range of colour variation, which will add significant depth and motion to a space. 

While these tiles look like they are made of solid limestone, they are made from porcelain. The glazed porcelain material will last a long time and is a durable option for high-traffic floor spaces like living rooms and kitchens.

If you want to build a luxury bathroom, consider these Troverta Ash Tiles. This set of matt grey limestone effect tiles exude quality and decadence. 

These tiles have a realistic stone look with fine detailing, such as veining and fossiling. The result is a floor that will make the space relaxing and in tune with the natural environment. In addition, the tiles work nicely on both the floor and the wall. 

The main highlight of these tiles is that you can use them to build underfloor heating. Imagine stepping out of the shower and being greeted by warm, soothing stones.

The Largo Dusk Grey Tiles are an understated and cool-toned version of the Largo Mist White Tiles. This set of tiles features a matt grey colour with a limestone brush effect and oversized rectangular shapes. 

These grey limestone-style tiles are a can’t-miss for people who like nature-inspired interior design with warm neutral tones. Depending on how you furnish the space, these tiles can provide a coastal, woodsy, or mountain feel. 

You can enhance the earthy energy of these limestone floor tiles by including real or artificial plants in your decor. 

We recommend these tiles for either bathroom floors or bathroom walls. The subtle highlights from the fossiling add extra light to the space, and the anti-slip texture is a wise choice for bathrooms.

The Titanium Limestone Circular Stud Anti-Slip Tiles are another wonderful option for high-end bathroom tiling. With a unique anti-slip design, this tile type would be suitable for shower interiors or the entire bathroom. It’s a particularly good choice for individuals at a higher risk of falling. 

These tiles come in a classic ivory colour with light speckling for a natural look. Small, subtle, round studs with ridging provide an anti-slip texture. This anti-slip design is highly effective without detracting from the aesthetic quality of the tile. 

This tile is made of porcelain and is exceptionally durable, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It can also be used when installing underfloor warming for an extra decadent touch to your bathroom redesign.

These Limestone Cove Skirting Tiles are a perfect finishing touch to a beige or ivory limestone effect flooring. Skirting is an essential element of tiling a floor, as the skirting tiles will protect your wall and make it easier to keep your floors clean.

This set of curved skirting tiles comes in a light colour tone with slight speckling to evoke a natural stone texture. The style is well-suited for a timeless and minimalist bathroom design. As a bonus, the tile can be used with underfloor heating.

Made of porcelain, these tiles will hold up over time and reliably protect your wall. In addition, the curved lip simplifies installation and creates a smooth, flowing transition effect between the floors and walls.

The Chiffon Limestone Effect Matt Tiles are an elevated limestone design with great texture and colour variation. This tile has beige and ivory tones in an almost tumbled or marbled pattern and has a level of sophistication that would contribute significant style to a bathroom or kitchen.

These tumbled limestone floor tiles are available in a square shape, making for a neat and classic tiled look. The natural limestone brush effect includes light veining, creating subtle highlights that brighten the space.

The tiles are made of porcelain, meaning they will be easy to take care of and last for a long time. With their attractive look and durability, these chiffon limestone effect tiles are even more appealing than actual limestone tiles.

Final Thoughts

Limestone is an attractive and stylish option for floor tiling. It’s soothing, luxurious, and brings a natural feel to any space. 

Fortunately, there are many affordable and high-quality limestone floor tiles for sale. With so many colours and styles available, you are guaranteed to find a set of tiles that matches your desired interior design look.

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